You Want a War? is the eleventh regular episodes of Sense8 Season Two.


At the gala, Sun braces for a showdown with her brother. Soon a dire new threat sends the Sensates scrambling to save another member of the cluster.

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Plot Edit


After listening to Joong-Ki's speech, Sun glances to Wolfgang before picking up a thick knife and slowly walks towards the crowd. As she does, Kala, Capheus, and Nomi try to hold her off, wondering why Sun is suddenly skewing from the plan, to which Wolfgang replies that plans change. Will, eventually, stops her, telling her that Detective Mun was in the room and heading for her brother.

The cluster watch as Mun tries to serve his warrent for Joong-Ki's arrest, asking him to leave peacefully rather than handcuffed in front of everyone in the room. Though he says he will comply with the detective, Joong-Ki swiftly pulls out a small firearm, distracts Mun with the lie that Sun was spotted in the area, and fires a shot into Mun's abdomen and a couple to the other officers.

When Riley asks what Sun was to do, Will answers that it was time to "get that motherfucker." Sun stares at Joong-Ki as she pulls her wig off and readies herself with the knife. A frightened, dumbfounded Joong-Ki shakes as he calls out to shoot Sun, running up the stairs to escape into the parking lot of the gala.


Surviving the crash, a bloody Joong-Ki crawls away from his sister. Sun, grabbing the pole she used, slowly approaches her brother, scraping the metal pole against the asphalt. As she walks, Sun remembers everything she has been through and all the promises she made up to this moment: her mother asking her to take care of her brother, her father admitted that he loved her and wanted her home, Min-Jung wishes that her revenge does not corrode her beautiful heart, her brother's visit at the prison, his attempts to kill her in prison. When she reaches Joong-Ki, he pleads for her not to kill him, going as far as to remind her that he is her brother. Sun corrects that he was her brother before rising the bar over her hand, preparing to jab it into his head.

She hesistates as police arrive at the scene. Sun drops the bar and willingly allows the police to arrest her. Joong-Ki sighs in relief and tries to stand. Tae Park arrives and takes him away from the scene, Joong-Ki and Sun giving each other a glance.

Sun and Riley

Capheus wakes from his slumber in Nairobi and sees his mother cooking breakfast. When he glances at the door of their home, he is startled by the visit of four unnamed sensates, his shriek warrenting his mother to ask if something was wrong. The four tell Capheus that they thought his nomination into the presidental election was a ruse from BPO, as they had believed any sensate that would place themselves in that position were insane. Despite this, they said that they were at the rally anyway to see for themselves. They expressed great admiration for what Capheus was doing and told him that he has an ally in them.


Kala is practicing her speech to Rajan when he comes home from his trip. She announces that she wants to talk, but he wants a drink first. She agrees to have one as well. They sit down when he notices the present. Kala wants to open it, but he forbids her and quickly does so himself. The box contains a Ganesha statue. Kala likes it but she notices how stressed Rajan is and questions him. He says he has been keeping things from her to protect her and, selfishly, their marriage. He confesses that he was in Delhi instead of Bangalore and that he has been helping with an investigation into corrupt politicians, including Ajay Kapoor. Now the time has come where they have advised him to get his family out of the country to guarantee their safety, so he admits to Kala that he secretly bought an apartment in Paris. He asks her to go there and hopes that whatever she has to say can wait.

Sun, Riley, and Will
Wolfgang and Kala

After experiencing the shock from BPO's ambush on Wolfgang, Kala calls out for help, visiting her clustermates to rescue Wolfgang from Whispers. She, eventually, reaches Will in Chicago. He tells her that the cluster will need blockers. She works quickly to craft bottles and bottles of blockers in her office, eventually packing her bag with them. Kala leaves for the airport


Whispers enters his quiet room to find Will waiting for him in a chair, making the pressumption that it was a sensate visit. He asks Whispers that no matter what he does, to promise to leave Riley out of it and to protect her. Whispers refuses, instead telling Will that he is going to hunt down every single member of his cluster and that he is going to enjoy having Will experience her death. Will responds with the fact that the only obstacle in his way is Will himself. Then Will begins to beat up Whispers which is when Whispers discovers that Will is actually in London and not visiting him and therefore Whispers could not stop him or shut him out.




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Notes and TriviaEdit

  • This episode runs for 57 minutes and 39 seconds.
  • The title originates from Will's threat to a captured Whispers.
  • J. Michael Straczynski revealed that the cluster couldn't get to Wolfgang since he was held in a more secured area inside the BPO facility.[1]


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Memorable Quotes Edit

"You want a war. We'll give you war"- Will to Whispers

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