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Wolfgang Bogdanow is a main character in season one of Sense8, portrayed by Max Riemelt. He is a German thief and safecracker of Russian descent, who has unresolved issues with his late father and participates in organized crime. Wolfgang is a member of the [[August 8 cluster


Wolfgang Bogdanow was born on August 8th in East Berlin through waterbirth, which instilled in him a love for water and swimming[1].His father, Anton Bogdanow, was a Russian immigrant. When he was younger, he met Felix in detention. After Felix defends Wolfgang from bullies, they become very close, even bonding over classic films like Conan the Barbarian.

Following the mysterious death of his father (which is later revealed to be caused by Wolfgang himself), he is raised by his uncle, Sergei. In the present day, he works as a locksmith by day and a safecracker at night. Wolfgang is shown to resent his uncle and cousin, Steiner, going so far as to rob a safe Steiner was aiming to rob as well.

Character History Edit

Limbic Resonance Edit

Wolfgang is first seen at the funeral of his grandfather. He is shown taking aspirin for his migraine, which is an aftereffect of him becoming sensate. Once it is over, his cousin, Steiner, boasts about the latest heist he has planned. Steiner is unaware that Wolfgang has already made plans to steal it first.

His uncle, Sergei, goes on a tangent relating to his father's death, and asks Wolfgang to pay his respects. Unseen, Wolfgang urinates on his father's grave out of spite.

Later, at his locksmith shop, Felix forges a key.

I Am Also A We Edit

Smart Money's on the Skinny Bitch Edit

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W. W. N. Double D? Edit

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Just Turn the Wheel and the Future ChangesEdit

I Can't Leave HerEdit

Relationships Edit

Outside the cluster Edit

Inside the cluster Edit

Following his rebirth as a sensate, one of the first people he connects to in his cluster is Kala and by the end of the season they are both shown to truly care about each other.
He begins to see her in fleeting moments. Their first meeting happens during a cluster "sing-a-long" to the song "What's Up?" by 4 Non Blondes. Kala appears at a karaoke night in Berlin and he appears in her room in Mumbai. The two sing together, facing each other, clearly feeling chemistry between them.
Early in the season Kala complains about their uncontrollable "visits." He remarks that he tries not to think about her, but every time he tries she appears. During the cluster "sing-a-long" to "What's Up?" by 4 Non Blondes' Kala appears to Wolfie, and they sing together simultaneously at a karaoke night in Berlin and in Kala's bedroom, clearly feeling chemistry. Later while taking a swim he becomes aware Kala is about to marry and appears to her naked and asks, "What the f*** are you doing? You are not in love with him." Subsequently they both faint. The next morning they share a conversation again and he states he has wanted her from the moment he saw her.
During the course of the season they share conversations and marvel at the different contexts in which they live. Wolfgang challenges Kala's faith and asks how she maintains her beliefs as a scientist (pharmacist). She makes the compelling argument that religion and science are both attempting to describe the same reality and that they do not necessarily conflict, noting that quantum physics and gravity are theories we both can't witness with our eyes but exist nonetheless.
By the end of the first season, Kala "visits" Wolfgang and attempts to stop him from confronting his uncle. She fears he will die when his uncle discovers Wolfgang killed Steiner in retaliation. Kala says it's simple. "Turn the wheel and the future changes." Wolfgang insists it is necessary to eliminate his uncle for the safety of his friends and people he loves. They finally share a kiss.
Kala appears again when Wolfgang believes he is about to die during a shootout at his uncle's mansion. She assembles a bomb for him from everyday kitchen and cleaning products and says she isn't ready to say goodbye and they kiss again. Wolfgang then uses the bomb to kill his uncle's men before going to confront his uncle.
Before violently shooting his uncle at close range in the face, he admits he killed his father. Recalling his uncle's pleas to recognize their shared blood, Wolfgang states that the blood that runs in his uncle's veins also ran in his father's veins--and just as his father was a monster, so is his uncle, and so is Wolfgang himself. After this he stops to look at Kala, who is observing the scene in quiet shock, and explains "and that is why you need to marry Rajan."
Their fate remains undecided at the end of season 1. Although they are seen together on the boat, along with the rest of the cluster, they do not talk.
  • Lito Rodriguez: Wolfgang takes part in Lito's evolution, by telling him to "fix his mistake" and then helping Lito fighting Joaquin to get Daniela and later Hernando back, as Lito previously helped him beating Steiner thanks to his acting skills. By Season 2, Lito & Wolfgang have become bros. Wolfgang rewires the circuits to help Lito get into his apartment and both men remark, "it's good to see you."
  • Sun Bak: In Season 2, Wolfgang visits Sun as she's exercising, and she remarks "You're nervous." He replies that someone has been following him. Sun offers help if he needs it, and Wolfgang offers to let her get some air. Both reply to the other that "they're good."
  • Capheus "Van Damme":
  • Will Gorski:
  • Riley Blue:
  • Nomi Marks


  • Safecracking
  • Heavy weapons
  • Street fighting
  • Fearlessness - assisted Will Gorski during the ambulance escape in I Can't Leave Her by "playing chicken" with the helicopter.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Sense8 co-creator J. Michael Straczynski said that Wolfgang is the character he has the most connection to:
...especially with his father and what he's going through ... Wolfgang was my true north in the storytelling.[2]


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