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Will Gorski, portrayed by Brian J. Smith, is a main character in the Netflix series, Sense8. Will is a police officer at the Chicago Police Department, haunted by an unsolved murder his father was assigned to when he was a child.[1] Unaware of his status as a sensate, he shared a connection with the victim, although most people were cynical of this.

Sometime later, his father retires due to injuries sustained from gang-related activity.[2]

Will often shows what could be called "savior behavior"; he believes to be responsible for others' well-being, trying to protect them from things he had dealt with.[3]


Will was born on August 8th in Chicago, Illinois. As a boy, he had visions of Sara Patrell, a girl on his father's missing persons case. It is suggested that her case, which had never been solved, contributed to his father's alcoholism. Will is haunted by visions of her on a surgical table, presumably dead after being "examined" by Whispers. It's been suggested that Will had a link with Sara Patrell not unlike that of sensates.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Will becomes a police officer. He is an exception on the force, demonstrating empathy for black youth unlike his partner and the other officers of his district. This empathy towards gang-related youths is suggested to be from his "share of teenage Vrau.


Season OneEdit

In Season one, Will becomes aware of his powers as a sensate. He visits the scene of Angelica's suicide and, with Nomi, investigates the inner workings of BPO. Will is constantly haunted by visions of Sara Patrell, noting the similarities between their connection and his sensates.

Will develops a strong romantic connection with Riley, and travels to Iceland himself when Riley needs to be rescued. At the end of season one, Will and Riley have escaped Iceland by boat, and Will is sedated in order to repress a psychic connection with Whispers.

Limbic ResonanceEdit

The story picks up with Will being the first out of the eight introduced to the audience. He is the first of the eight seen having the vision of Angelica's death. After this vision he is again the first to demonstrate the large migraines and hearing and feelings of the other 7. (e.g. hearing loud club music in his apartment, which is being played by Riley in London). With Diego he sees a wounded African-American adolescent (wounded by gang related activity) and instead of leaving him, Will takes him to hospital against his fellow colleagues will.

I Am Also a WeEdit

Will visits with the gang kid that he rescued. Will has a flashback to being caught shoplifting. In the flashback, Will picks the lock on his handcuffs and runs off.

At the Chicago P.D., Will tries to find camera footage of the church where Angelica committed suicide, but finds that the section of the tape has been erased. His partner becomes interested when seeing that the tape has been tampered with. They spot a possible witness in the existing camera footage.

Will attends a meeting where a federal agent presents details on a wanted terrorist - Jonas Maliki. Will recognizes Jonas but he doesn't know how.

Will meets his dad at the bar, and says that weird stuff is happening, and that he thinks it's related to Sara Patrell. Will's father tells him not to bring up Sara again, because he'll be taken off the force for psychiatric evaluation.

Will comes in to a convenience store and asks for something that will help him sleep. Jonas enters the store and introduces himself. Jonas tells Will about Angelica, the woman who gave birth to him. Jonas tells Will about some of the things he'll experience as a sensate. Jonas says he needs to catch a plane in an hour, and that there's a girl named Nomi who needs Will's help, just like Sara needed his help. Will tries to restrain Jonas but Jonas quickly dispatches him. The two engage in a car chase. During the chase, Jonas visits with Will and vice versa. Jonas asks Will not to pursue him. The car chase ends with Will's car T-boning Jonas', knocking him unconscious.

Smart Money's on the Skinny BitchEdit

What's Going On?Edit

Will is at a police station, meeting with an old friend of his father. Will accidentally speaks Korean. Will asks his friend to let him meet with Jonas as a favor. The friend apologizes; Jonas is being held in federal custody and will be transferred soon, so seeing him is impossible. Will is dejected, when Jonas visits. Jonas says that he is in solitary confinement. Jonas tells Will about visiting and the eye-contact connection.

Will enters his car and tries to force himself to visit. Jonas visits to give him more guidance. Jonas explains the difference between visiting and sharing. Jonas also says that Will has seven other members of his cluster, and that one of them, Nomi, needs his help. Jonas is then taken away by men in gas masks.

Will is still in his car outside the station. At the same time, Nomi is being moved to a gurney and drugged in preparation for surgery. She cries out for help, and Will hears her. Will concentrates and is able to see Nomi's location for an instant, before losing the connection.

Will participates in the 4 Non Blondes singalong, singing from his desk.

The next morning, Will is sleeping on his couch, still singing to himself. He wakes up in Nomi's gurney with handcuffs on his wrists. He pulls out an I.V. needle with his mouth, and uses the needle to pick the lock on his handcuffs. A drugged Will / Nomi stumble out of the chair and down the hallway. Will's consciousness pops back to his body in Chicago and he sits in disbelief.

Art Is Like ReligionEdit

Will is chewed out by his boss for attempting to use favors to meet with Jonas. He apologizes.

Later, Will makes a call to Janet Marx asking about her daughter, Nomi. They talk about Nomi's criminal record. Janet begins ranting about "Michael's" poor decisions with crime and taking hormone therapy. Will and Nomi switch places so that Nomi is able to hear her mother. Will corrects Janet, saying that her name is Nomi.

Will's partner gets a lead on the witness they saw outside the church. They head out.

Will and his partner arrive at the home of a person of interest. The individual runs and Will chases him across neighborhood backyards. At the same time, Lito is filming a scene involving a gun battle in a museum. Will and Lito trade places sporadically. Will is confused to see an actor pointing a prop assault rifle at him. In Chicago, their chase ends when they run into a hostile gang.


Riley sits in a pub drinking a beer. Will walks across a bar that is filled with fellow cops. They sit and share a beer together, simultaneously in both bars. They talk about each other's lives and their locations. Riley asks, "Are we going crazy?" Will asks for Riley's phone and dials his own phone number into it. Riley presses send, and it rings. Will brings his phone over to Diego and asks him to answer it. Diego says that a girl with a funny accent is on the line. They talk into the phone and hear a time-delayed echo. Will says that they aren't going crazy. They talk about other visitors, and remember Jonas and Angelica. Riley says good night.

Later, Riley is attacked by Nyx and his buddy. They begin to strangle Riley with a plastic bag. At the bar in Chicago, Will suddenly feels that he can't breathe. He takes Riley's body and finds himself on a table with a bag over his head. He fights back, simlutaneously overpowering Nyx and his buddy, while beating up the Chicago cops that attempt to help him. Riley runs out of the apartment and Will sits on the ground recovering, with a stunned crowd looking at him.

Days later, Diego tells Will that people are starting to talk about Will's behavior. Will asks Diego if he thinks that Will is crazy. Diego says yes, but that he likes crazy.

Later, Will is at a gym, doing situps. At the same time, Lito is making love to Hernando and Nomi is making love to Amanita. The three of them trigger a psychic orgy, where Will appears to simultaneously make love to Lito, Nomi, Amanita, Hernando, and Wolfgang.

W. W. N. Double D?Edit

Will and Diego walk the streets with the gang kid, on their way to meet someone. Diego and Will recognize the man that they are meeting with: Ludacris Lincoln. Diego mentions that Will was once involved with Lincoln's ex. Ludacris is initially angry at Will but he agrees to make a deal. Ludacris requests that his gang be left alone in exchange for the information, and Will agrees.

Ludacris brings out the lookout kid, who hands them his phone. The phone has pictures of the church exterior, showing men in gas masks carrying a body bag into a white van. The photos include the van's license plate number, and Diego says he will trace it. Will also recognizes Mr Whispers in the photographs.

At the van rental company, Will and Diego find the white van. Will has a brief vision of Angelica's corpse in the back of the van.

We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our HeartsEdit

Will is drinking coffee in his apartment. On his way out the door, he sees Riley. Riley says she's okay, and that she's back home in Iceland. She shows him around her house and talks about her family. Riley's dad brings her coffee, prepared the same way that Will takes his. Will asks why Riley stayed away so long, and Riley says that a lot of painful things happened there.

Riley takes a tour around Will's apartment. Will says that it's small, but Riley says she likes it. An L train passes by Will's apartment, causing a huge noise. Riley is surprised but Will says that he's used to it. The two slowly touch hands and move closer. They kiss. Diego enters Will's apartment to see him apparently kissing the air.

Later, Will is at the police station with Diego, looking at a computer screen. Will shares the research that he's done on Nomi and Niles Bolger, which Will obtained by using his father's old codes. He brings up the federal BOLO for Nomi. He shows footage of a FedEx deliveryman putting a package next to a vegetative Niles Bolger. Will skips the footage to the same night, showing Niles wake up and put on the suit that was in the package. Will points out the incredible coincidence that a previously-vegetative man was able to leave his bed and shoot the doctor who performed the surgery. Will connects the events to the funding company: BPO.

Nomi, on her laptop, is also researching BPO. She finds that BPO is well funded, with money coming from DARPA, World Science Organization, and W.H.O. Will visits at Nomi's apartment and asks how she was able to find that information. Nomi recognizes him from his help in the hospital rescue. Will and Nomi continue their conversation in two locations. Amanita and Diego both perceive that they are talking to thin air. Amanita is awed, Diego is skeptical.

They remember the shooting of Dr. Metzger and theorize that they must be getting close to something. During the conversation, Will and Nomi learn some of the rules of visiting, and how they are able to occasionally read each other's memories.

Nomi and Amanita bring up Dr. Metzger, finding that he is paid very well to travel the world performing operations. They learn that he was recruited by BPO while at the University of Chicago, and find a picture of him with Mr. Whispers.

The doorbell rings Amanita's mother opens it. Mr. Whispers is there, introducing himself as Dr. William Friedman. Will and Nomi recognize the voice. Will tells Nomi that she must not look at his eyes, and she needs to escape. Whispers forces his way in. Amanita stays to stall, and Nomi runs, climbing over the patio railing. Amanita pretends to have a bloody tampon in order to stall the men. Nomi climbs down to the pavement and is surrounded by armed policemen. Will uses his computer to find that they are federal agents.

Nomi calls out for help, and Sun arrives, telling her to stay calm. Nomi asks Sun if she's real, and Sun says she was in Seoul, sleeping. The police tell Nomi to get on her knees. Will reads the situation and dictates exactly how the police will proceed. An instant before handcuffs go on Nomi's wrists, Will yells "now!" Sun springs in to action and disables the policemen with a few well-placed punches, as Will disarms one, and Nomi delivers a good kick. Will tells Nomi to throw the gun and take the bike.

In Chicago, Will is interrupted from his research, and he loses the connection with his fellow sensates. His chief chews him out, and suspends him without pay for his activities. Will drops his badge and leaves.

Death Doesn't Let You Say GoodbyeEdit

Will has a childhood flashback. In the flashback he is spying on Whispers, who is operating on a child. Whispers leaves the room and Will inspects the body, and sees that it is Sara Patrell. Sara tells him not to look at Whispers, saying, "That's how he got me." Whispers returns and chases child Will, who narrowly escapes.

In the present, Will suddenly awakes from the dream. He gets a beer from the fridge, and suddenly sees Jonas, visiting. Jonas is visibly shaken and is wearing a hospital mock. Will vists Jonas' location, a high-technology medical lab. Jonas is strapped to a chair and has electrodes connected to his forehead. Jonas says, "I've been unconscious so long that I could be anywhere." Will apologizes for getting Jonas into the situation.

At the same time. Riley is talking with Yrsa about BPO. Will joins Riley, saying that he knows all about BPO. Will, Riley, Jonas and Yrsa have a four-way conversation, although Jonas cannot see Riley and Yrsa, and Yrsa cannot see Jonas and Will. Both Jonas and Yrsa observe how Will and Riley have strong feelings for each other. Jonas remembers how he loved Angelica at first sight, and that Angelica believes "a sensate experiences love in its purest form." Yrsa says that love in a cluster is pathological and narcissistic. Yrsa tells Riley to ask Will his birthday, and they discover that Will and Riley have the same birthday, August 8th. Jonas says that all members of a cluster are born at the same moment.

Riley mentions Jonas and Yrsa becomes immediately frightened on hearing the name. Yrsa interrupts the connection between Will and Riley. Jonas tells Will that he needs to get Riley out of Iceland, because BPO operates a genetic research facility there.

What Is Human?Edit

Wolfgang walks through the Holocaust memorial, struggling with a decision. He catches fleeting glimpses of all his fellow sensates, walking through the stone aisles. He catches a glimpse of Kala. He stands in front of a slab with writing.

Will reads the German writing. "Is the holocaust an aberration, or a reflection of who we really are?" Wolfgang asks Will why it's so loud where he is, and Will says that it's independence day. Wolfgang asks, "What is best in life, huh?" (referring to a quote he shares with Felix). Will doesn't understand and Wolfgang walks away saying, "You wouldn't"

Later, Will is walking in a park. He sees Jonas' face appear on Crown Fountain. They talk. Jonas is still held prisoner in a lab. He suggests that Will find a safe place to talk.

In a museum, Will and Jonas talk about having multiple allegiances. Will asks if sensates are human. Jonas asks, "What is human?" and says that sensates are more human because of their increased empathy.

Jonas says that he was once in Will's place, where the father of his cluster was telling "bullshit" about psycillium, and what it meant to be sensate. Jonas says that sensates are biologically extremely similar to humans.

Jonas points out that a flock of birds or a mushroom in a forest can communicate in groups without language. He says that sensates were probably around during the time of early humans.

Jonas says that Whispers will try to use him to get to Will and the rest of his cluster. Will realizes that the reason Angelica committed suicide was to protect the cluster.

Jonas explains that, since humans are emotionally disconnected from each other, it has made their species the most successful killers ever.

On the 4th of July, Will carries a basket full of beer and sausages towards the docks. He runs in to Riley. In Iceland, Riley is in the lobby of a concert hall, waiting to see her father. Will says he's going to see his father as well. Will tells Riley that it's dangerous for her to be in Iceland. Riley thanks Will, because without him, she wouldn't be there. They kiss.

Will arrives at his father's boat, where he has the grill ready. Night falls and they relax to enjoy the fireworks. Will's father tells him how proud he was when Will became a cop.

During Riley's father's performance, all the sensates experience a flashback to their birth. Will remembers being born in the back of a police car, illuminated by road flares.

Just Turn the Wheel and the Future ChangesEdit

I Can't Leave HerEdit


Outside the Cluster Edit

Inside the Cluster Edit


  • Lock picking - Will learned this skill as a child from being in and out of the law. He uses this skill in helping Nomi escape from lobotomization and later to help Sun unlock her handcuffs.
  • Police Training - including the use of hand guns, arresting procedures, strategic planning, self defense. He uses these skills helping Capheus defend himself when gang members attack his van and in helping Nomi escape Whispers and the police (recruited by Whispers) to capture Nomi. Will warns her of the strategies that SWAT teams use and what they plan to use on her. (in We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts)

Memorable QuotesEdit


References Edit

  2. "Limbic Resonance"
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