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Angelica called him Whispers, never look him in the eye. Never.
Jonas to Will about Whispers[src]
Whispers, portrayed by Terrence Mann, is the main antagonist in the Netflix series, Sense8. Whispers is a Sensate who leads an organization that is determined to hunt down those of his kind.

Whispers hunts sensates by using an eye contact connection. He uses the connection to visit his target, and see and hear what they see and hear. He uses this knowledge to hunt down and capture his target, and then torture them until they give him information about the rest of their cluster. He has also shown the ability to control the bodies of sensates who have been lobotomized (such as Niles Bolger in W. W. N. Double D?) as he would a puppet. His overall goal is to neutralize or kill any sensate that isn't affiliated with BPO.  

Whispers has several aliases. In Metzger's phone, his phone number is under the name Dr. Matheson. When Metzger is pleading for his life, he calls him Milton. (W. W. N. Double D?). When Whispers arrives at the home of Amanita's mother, he uses the name Dr. William Friedman. (We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts). 

The whereabouts of anyone else in Whispers' cluster is currently unknown. According to Angelica all the members of Whispers' cluster are dead and he still talks to them in his sleep.

Biography Edit

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Whispers is an enigmatic sensate whom had been speculated to have slaughtered his own clustermates under the guise of scientific discoveries. After being employed to the Biologic Preservation Organization, he began work to lobotimize sensates, killing each one he came across; because of his masochistic desires, many sensates across the world have labeled him "the Cannibal."

Despite this, Whispers has shown some passion towards humans, marrying his wife Elizabeth and procreating, having a daughter Chelsea. Though, he continues to focus heavily in his work for BPO and the capture of the August 8 Cluster since their rescue of Riley Gunnardottir.

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  • Manipulation
  • Investigative and Tactical Skills

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  • It is rumored between Angelica Turing and Jonas Maliki that is able to communicate with his clustermates despite their supposed deaths.

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