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What's Going On? is the fourth episode in season 1 of Sense8. It was released on Netflix June 5, 2015.


Nomi's fate draws nearer, Capheus and Wolfgang's fortunes seem to have turned, but Sun is faced with an impossible choice.

Plot Edit

Wolfgang Edit

Wolfgang and Felix are at the Garden of Exile next to Berlin's Jewish Museum, waiting for the diamond merchant. Felix discusses the holocaust, the obedience of society, and revolutions. He says that this diamond score is the beginning of their revolution. The diamond merchant shows up and discusses his mother. They leave the monument to finish their deal.

At the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum library, the buyer inspects the diamonds. He recognizes them and suggests that they be re-cut, making them easy to sell but worth a fraction of their value. Wolfgang leaves but Felix stops him. The buyer agrees to purchase a third of the diamonds, and Wolfgang tells him that he will buy half.

After the deal, Felix tells a story about the time he lost his virginity. He decides that they should celebrate their new riches by buying new shoes. At the shoe store, Wolfgang has a vision that he is wearing the worn-out socks of Capheus.

At a fancy restaurant, Felix orders the most expensive wine on the menu. He raises a glass to toast, but Wolfgang momentarily cannot raise his hands, because Nomi's restraints appear to be on them.

Wolfgang and Felix are later seen dancing in a night club.

Kala Edit

Kala, Rajan and parents are meeting with wedding planners to discuss the ceremony. The planners say that in order to have a ceremony shorter than 6 hours, they must increase their contribution to the priest. Rajan insists on exchanging rings even though it is not a Hindu tradition.

Later, Kala arrives at a temple to pray. A holy man tells her that Rajan and Papa-ji are fighting to destroy their religion. The man says that they are enemies of Ganesha.

Sun Edit

Sun is putting on makeup to cover her bruises from the fight. She has a flashback to her dying mother. Young Sun asks her mother why her father hates her and does not come to her matches. Sun's mother says that it is natural for fathers and sons to be close. Her mother requests that Sun take care of her brother and father.

At night, Sun meets with her father, Kang-Dae, in his office. She is upset. She says that the auditors know that there is an embezzler in the company, and someone is going to jail for it.

Sun pulls up to a sex club and demands to see her brother, Joong-ki, who is inside. She beats up the guards and searches each room. During her walk through the club, Will briefly trades places with her. Sun finds Joong-ki and demands that he comes with her.

Back at the office, Kang-Dae scolds Joong-ki for stealing not only from the clients but from his father as well. He says that the company will be ruined and that Joong-ki will be imprisoned. He suggests that Sun has a way out. Sun immediately knows what her father is suggesting - that she could take the blame for the embezzlement, which would save her brother and the company. Joong-ki begs her to do it.

Later, Sun is smoking and contemplating by herself. She has a flashback to her mother's funeral. Kang-Dae talks with her about the loss of her mother.

Capheus Edit

Capheus tends to his wounds. Capheus' mother (Shiro) says that she is a bad person for forcing Capheus to take care of her, but Capheus insists that he needs her. Capheus returns to the Van Damn and finds a huge crowd waiting for him. Word of his fight has gotten around, and his bus is now called the safest bus in Nairobi. Old bus lady waves her hand showing that her ring is back on her finger.

A police checkpoint stops his bus en route. Armed policemen demand that "Van Damn" come with them into the woods. He is brought to a fancy SUV where he meets with Silas Kobaka. Silas thanks him for humiliating the Superpower gang. He offers to give Capheus a suitcase full of AIDS medicide to help his mother. In exchange, Capheus must simply deliver a knapsack to a specific location.

Lito Edit

Lito, Dani and Hernando are eating breakfast. Lito recounts how Dany's ex-boyfriend came to the set and threatened him. Hernando makes the best ceviche that Dany has ever tasted, but it is not actually a ceviche.

Nomi Edit

Dr Metzger shows new MRI scans to Nomi, showing that her brain abnormality has continued to grow. He says that her hallucinations are probably getting stronger. Nomi is angry, and Metzger responds by rescheduling the operation to the same day.

Will Edit

Will is at a police station, meeting with an old friend of his father. Will accidentally speaks Korean. Will asks his friend to let him meet with Jonas as a favor. The friend apologizes; Jonas is being held in federal custody and will be transferred soon, so seeing him is impossible. Will is dejected, when Jonas visits. Jonas says that he is in solitary confinement. Jonas tells Will about visiting and the eye-contact connection.

Will enters his car and tries to force himself to visit. Jonas visits to give him more guidance. Jonas explains the difference between visiting and sharing. Jonas also says that Will has seven other members of his cluster, and that one of them, Nomi, needs his help. Jonas is then taken away by men in gas masks.

Will is still in his car outside the station. At the same time, Nomi is being moved to a gurney and drugged in preparation for surgery. She cries out for help, and Will hears her. Will concentrates and is able to see Nomi's location for an instant, before losing the connection.

Riley Edit

A sad Riley receives a voice message from her father. He shares the news that he's been invited to play in a symphony. He says that he misses her and that she is welcome to come back home.

Ensemble - "The Singalong" Edit

Wolfgang and Felix are at the night club. Felix insists that Wolfgang gets up and does karaoke. Wolfgang gets on stage and has a flashback to his father laughing at him. He yells "Fuck you!" and the crowd cheers. Wolfgang takes the mic and sings What's Up?.

Each of the sensates sings along from where they are. Riley is sitting at her favorite lookout spot smoking a vaporizer. She turns on her MP3 player to play the same song, and sings along. Capheus is driving his bus while singing. Will sings while working at his desk. Kala sings from a rooftop under a night sky. Lito sings while lying in bed. Nomi sings while lying drugged in her gurney. Sun sings while dancing in the shower.

Wolfgang and Kala see visions of each other. They sing to each other while simultaneously located at the German nightclub, the roof in Kala's dream, and Kala's bedroom. They move in, closer to one another.

The song ends as Kala's roommate opens the curtains, saying that Kala was singing and smiling at someone. Her roommate wonders if that someone was Rajan.

Will and Nomi Edit

Will is sleeping on his couch, still singing to himself. He wakes up in Nomi's gurney with handcuffs on his wrists. He pulls out an I.V. needle with his mouth, and uses the needle to pick the lock on his handcuffs. A drugged Will / Nomi stumble out of the chair and down the hallway. Will's consciousness pops back to his body in Chicago and he sits in disbelief.

Nomi continues to make her way out of the hospital. Moments before being caught, Amanita shows up dressed as a nurse and escorts her outside. They run past the door guard and jump into a taxi, returning to the Castro district. She has one last singalong visit with Riley at Riley's lookout spot, before asking honestly, "What's going on?"

Memorable QuotesEdit

"You are no longer just you." - Jonas

"Four Non Blondes? Perfect soundtrack for a lobotomy." - Amanita


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