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We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts is the eighth episode in season 1 of Sense8. It was released on Netflix June 5, 2015.


Sun fights to adjust to her new life as Capheus tries to change his. Will and Nomi dig up disturbing information that could change everything.

Plot Edit

Nomi Edit

Nomi and Amantia are watching the sunrise of San Francisco. Nomi wonders how the sky can still look so beautiful after the events of the previous night.

Kala and Wolfgang Edit

Kala is watching a movie with her family. The crowd is roaring with laughter, but she is holding back tears. In the movie, a guy in an Elvis outfit is dancing while holding two pistols. Kala cries.

At a hospital in Berlin, Wolfgang sits over an unconscious Felix.

Kala's mother asks if she is alright, and Kala leaves for the bathroom. She washes her face and Wolfgang is there. Kala finds herself standing over Felix, and asks what happened to him. Wolfgang says it was his fault, because he was trying to change the past.

Wolfgang has a flashback to when he and Felix met, in school detention. Felix asks him his name, and what he's in detention for. Wolfgang says, "fighting." Later the two are seen watching Conan the Barbarian.

Wolfgang says he was hated as a kid, because he was from East Germany, and his family moved to West Germany after the opening of the Berlin wall. He has a flashback to being attacked by a group of kids. Felix helps fight off the attackers, and quotes Conan.

Wolfgang then has a flashback to his cruel father, who explains that life is just five things: eating, drinking, shitting, fucking, and fighting for more. His father hits him and says, "crying is for bitches" Felix smashes a bottle over his father's head, they quote Conan again, and run.

Kala says that Felix would do anything for Wolfgang. Wolfgang says that they are brothers, and not by blood but by something stronger: choice.

Lito Edit

Lito is sleeping in his bed. He receives a call from Dany, who says that she got her phone back and that everything is fixed. She is whispering and does not say whether she is coming back. Hernando is concerned.

Later, Lito and Hernando are at a public meeting spot, trying to guess what Joaquin wants from them. A car pulls up and Dany gets out, wearing sunglasses to hide a black eye. She says that she agreed to marry Joaquin if he leaves Lito alone. Hernando says that she cannot go back to him. Dany says that she will be fine, and she gets back in the car. Lito does not object.

Lito is seen later on the shoot of a movie. He is in a graveyard walking to a funeral. Several armed men close in on him. Lito reaches his woman. He delivers the line, "We will all be judged by the courage of our hearts", and kisses her. The men all draw their weapons at Lito's head. The director yells "cut". Lito asks for another take, but the director says that his take was beautiful. Hernando is at the set, and Lito walks over to talk.

Hernando is upset. He tells Lito that he cannot be with a man that allows Dany to be with Joaquin for the sake of his career. Hernando echoes the line, "We will all be judged by the courage of our hearts." They break up. Lito is distraught.

Capheus Edit

Capheus shows up at Jela's house with an offer of beer. Jela and his wife are arguing. Jala says that she hates him being home so much, and he doesn't like it either. Capheus tells him it's time to go back to work. Capheus will tell Silas that he won't work for him any more. Jela tells his wife that he's leaving for work, and she cheers.

The next day, Capheus is at home, his mother happily cooking. Capheus says that he won't be able to bring home more AIDS medicine for her, because he is no longer working for Silas. Just then, members of the Superpower gang come in with a gun. The boss tells of how Silas had his sister killed by cutting her throat with wire. Capheus asks what they want, and the boss answers, "what the fuck do you think we want?"

Capheus and his mother discuss what they should do. They know that the Superpower gang wants Capheus to hand over Silas' daughter.

Sun Edit

Sun asks Soo-Jin about Lina's bullying. Lina begins walking over to once again take a load of finished work. Sun trips Lina, and the guard yells at Lina to return to her seat and finish her work. Lina glowers at Sun, who looks back defiantly. Sun says that she has second-mover advantage.

Sun finishes her work and comes outside. The inmates are painting on the walls. Soo-Jin is painting her three sisters. Soo-Jin asks Sun if she misses her family, and she says she only misses her dog. Soo-Jin invites Sun to paint her dog.

Later, Sun has finished a painting of her mother. Lina comes and pours a bucket of red paint over it. Lina and her cronies move in on Sun. They exchange insults. Lina takes a few swings and Sun easily dodges. Sun puts her in an arm-lock and says, "I don't want to hurt you." Lina's cronies attack and Sun dispatches them one by one. Lina takes out a shank and attacks, managing to slash Sun across the abdomen. Sun outmaneuvers her and pins her down with a knee on her head. The guards arrive and pull them both away.

Sun sits in solitary confinement. A prisoner brings her a meal, and says that they know what Sun did for Soo-Jin. Sun unwraps the utensils to find a hidden present of a paintbrush.

Will and Riley Edit

Will is drinking coffee in his apartment. On his way out the door, he sees Riley. Riley says she's okay, and that she's back home in Iceland. She shows him around her house and talks about her family. Riley's dad brings her coffee, prepared the same way that Will takes his. Will asks why Riley stayed away so long, and Riley says that a lot of painful things happened there.

Riley takes a tour around Will's apartment. Will says that it's small, but Riley says she likes it. An El train passes by Will's apartment, causing a huge noise. Riley is surprised but Will says that he's used to it. The two slowly touch hands and move closer. They kiss. Diego enters Will's apartment to see him apparently kissing the air.

Kala Edit

Kala and her family are meeting again with the wedding planners. The planners say that the horoscope is even better for their new wedding date.

Later, Kala is leaving her temple, where she runs in to Papa-ji. Papa-ji says he has reconsiders things. He mentions his scorn for her religion and Ganesha. He tells Kala that she will tell Rajan that they cannot get married. He regrets giving his blessing, and says that it was fortunate that the wedding was ruined. Before they can finish their conversation, a gang of masked men surround them. They run past, each of them delivering a knife stab to Papa-ji's chest. Papa-ji falls unconscious down the stairs, and Kala screams.

Riley Edit

Riley walks to Sven's house. The two have drinks together. Sven recounts how Riley was born in that same room. Riley asks Sven if he can drive her around, and he happily agrees.

Will and Nomi Edit

Will is at the police station with Diego, looking at a computer screen. Will shares the research that he's done on Nomi and Niles Bolger, which Will obtained by using his father's old codes. He brings up the federal BOLO for Nomi. He shows footage of a FedEx deliveryman putting a package next to a vegetative Niles Bolger. Will skips the footage to the same night, showing Niles wake up and put on the suit that was in the package. Will points out the incredible coincidence that a previously-vegetative man was able to leave his bed and shoot the doctor who performed the surgery. Will connects the events to the funding company: BPO.

Nomi, on her laptop, is also researching BPO. She finds that BPO is well funded, with money coming from DARPA, World Science Organization, and W.H.O. Will visits at Amanita's mothers house and asks how she was able to find that information. Nomi recognizes him from his help in the hospital rescue. Will and Nomi continue their conversation in two locations. Amanita and Diego both perceive that they are talking to thin air. Amanita is awed, Diego is skeptical.

They remember the shooting of Dr. Metzger and theorize that they must be getting close to something. During the conversation, Will and Nomi learn some of the rules of visiting, and how they are able to occasionally read each other's memories.

Nomi and Amanita bring up Dr. Metzger, finding that he is paid very well to travel the world performing operations. They learn that he was recruited by BPO while at the University of Chicago, and find a picture of him with Mr. Whispers.

The doorbell rings Amanita's mother opens it. Mr. Whispers is there, introducing himself as Dr. William Friedman. Will and Nomi recognize the voice. Will tells Nomi that she must not look at his eyes, and she needs to escape. Whispers forces his way in. Amanita stays to stall, and Nomi runs, climbing over the patio railing. Amanita pretends to have a bloody tampon in order to stall the men. Nomi climbs down to the pavement and is surrounded by armed policemen. Will uses his computer to find that they are federal agents.

Nomi, Will, Sun and Capheus Edit

Nomi calls out for help, and Sun arrives, telling her to stay calm. Nomi asks Sun if she's real, and Sun says she was in Seoul, sleeping. The police tell Nomi to get on her knees. Will reads the situation and dictates exactly how the police will proceed. An instant before handcuffs go on Nomi's wrists, Will yells "now!" Sun springs in to action and disables the policemen with a few well-placed punches, as Will disarms one, and Nomi delivers a good kick. Will tells Nomi to throw the gun and take the bike.

In Chicago, Will has been interrupted from his research, and goes to his chief's office to be reprimanded.

Nomi rides the bike, speeding dangerously down the steep streets of the Castro, with police cars in pursuit. At one point, she avoids the police by biking over a narrow pedestrian bridge leading to Dolores Park. She weaves between cars, finally stopping at a gas station on Market Street, where she hijacks a SmartCar. She says, "I don't know how to drive", and finds herself in the passenger seat with Capheus at the wheel.

Capheus navigates the small car on a high-speed chase. At one point, police cars block the road ahead. He remembers a movie where Jean Claude attacked when everyone thought he was going to run. He rams the SmartCar into the front of a police car, causing the SmartCar to do a flip and land on its wheels. They drive off.

Back in Chicago, Will is suspended without pay for his activities. He drops his badge and leaves.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Nomi: "I don't know how to drive."

Capheus, appearing next to her: "I do."

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