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W. W. N. Double D? is the seventh episode in season 1 of Sense8. It was released on Netflix June 5, 2015.


Nomi makes a shocking discovery about her former doctor, while Will gets closer to the truth behind his visions and Kala's doubts grow stronger.

Plot Edit

Sun Edit

Sun arrives at prison. She is led to her room and introduced as prisoner 773. Her cellmates are immediately fond of her for nearly destroying her father and brother's company.

As Sun's cellmates drink tea and talk about their crimes. All of them tell their stories of fighting back against abusive or powerful men which landed them into jail.

Sun then shows up for sewing duty, and says that she does not know how to sew because her mother was not alive to teach her so. Soo-Jin volunteers to train her.

After sewing for a time, big mean Prisoner 818 comes up and exchanges her unfinished garments with Soo-Jin's finished work. 818 hands in the finished work and leaves to have outside privilege. Soo-Jin says that this happens every day.

Nomi Edit

Nomi and Amanita are waiting on a San Francisco rooftop. Nomi says that they need to level the playing field. Nomi describes the time when, as a juvenile, she took the fall for Bug's crimes. Bug arrives, and momentarily forgets that "Mike" is now Nomi, but then remembers. Bug gets sleazy all over Nomi. They turn to business, and Bug brings out his hacking equipment. Amanita asks if the equipment is illegal, and Bug says that "legality is a moving target."

Back at the home of Amanita's mother, Nomi sets up her equipment. Amanita's mother talks about being a child of the 60s, and being open to the idea of unexplained phenomena. She tells a story of how she once lost Amanita at a park, and she was able to find Amanita by hearing her "vibration."

Nomi brings up the travel records for Dr. Metzger. She finds that he has recently traveled to London, Istanbul, Switzerland, Seoul and Iceland. From his insurance records, she sees that he has performed the lobotomy operation three times in the Bay Area. Two of the patients died, and the third is Niles Bolger.

Nomi and Amanita arrive at a treatment center to see Niles Bolger. Nomi claims to be his niece. They find Niles, who is in a near-vegetative state with a large scar across his forehead. He is watching a zombie movie and is unresponsive when Nomi greets him. Nomi runs out of the building, frightened because she almost had the same fate.

Later, Nomi and Amanita are incognito at the Atlas Cafe, where Metzger routinely stops for coffee. Metzger appears. Nomi clones his phone and starts downloading personal information. Metzger receives a call. The call is short, and the only thing Metzger says is a confused, "What?" He leaves and Amanita notices that he looked scared. Nomi looks at the cloned phone and sees that the call came from "Dr Matheson". She calls the number. Whispers answers and says, "I thought we were clear." Then, Whispers realizes that Nomi is the caller and says, "I'm looking forward to meeting you." Nomi says that Metzger is booked on a plane to Chicago that night, and they make a plan to break into his apartment.

At Metzger's apartment, they break down the door and begin snooping. Nomi finds little personal information on Metzger's computer. Amanita finds a picture of Metzger with Cheney and says that he must be evil. Nomi begins copying the hard drive.

They hear Metzger come in the door. He finds them, and suggests that Nomi returns to the hospital for her treatment. Amanita threatens him with a mallet and forces him to drop his phone. Nomi says that they found Niles. Metzger says that he already knows, and he's guessing it the reason why his trip to Chicago was cancelled. Nomi says that she talked to a "Dr Matheson," and Metzger becomes very worried, saying, "You've killed us all."

Jonas visits and tells Nomi that she needs to escape, because Whispers is coming. Metzger recognizes the name Jonas. Jonas tells them that "he's here". Niles Bolger walks in, wearing a suit and brandishing a gun. Amanita sprays Niles with mace and causes him to drop his gun. Metzger and Niles wrestle, Metzger pelts him with vases, and Niles throws him across the room. Nomi grabs the USB drive and the girls run into the hallway, and Metzger follows. A resident gets in the way and is shot by Niles. The girls run into a stairwell and Metzger runs down a different hallway. Niles chooses to follow Metzger. Metzger begs for his life, referring to Niles as "Milton". Nomi and Amanita watch. Niles shoots Metzger in the head and turns the gun on himself. In the mirror, Nomi sees that Whispers appears to be controlling the body of Niles. Niles / Whispers shoots himself in the head.

Lito Edit

Lito, Dany and Hernando are eating dinner at a nice restaurant. Lito is extremely nervous about being in public with Hernando. Dany suggests that Hernando pretend to be Lito's bodyguard. A group of girls shows up to take a picture with Lito, and Hernando glowers at them. A group of photographers gets close and Hernando scares them off. Lito and Dany are both impressed with Hernando. Lito and Hernando secretly hold hands and wink.

Back at the apartment lobby, Lito and Hernando embrace. A resident nearly sees them.

Laughing, the three return to their apartment. Joaquin is waiting for them, drunk, wearing a Lucha Libre mask. He says that he is the bad guy, but then takes off the mask, and says he is the sad guy. Lito asks him to leave. Joaquin begs to know why Dany left him for Lito. Joaquin then asks to see Lito make love to Dany, to learn from him. Dany moves to call the police and Joaquin tries to stop her. Hernando grabs Joaquin and throws him out. Relieved, Lito says he is "feeling very Whitney Houston" towards Hernando. (a reference to the movie The Bodyguard)

The next morning, Lito is singing the song from The Bodyguard and is about to make love to Hernando. Lito receives a text message send by Joaquin from Dany's phone. They realize that Joaquin has stolen Dany's phone and now possesses pictures of Lito and Hernando having sex. Lito is concerned that Joaquin could ruin his career. Dany takes the blame and says that she will fix it.

Riley and Capheus Edit

Riley is on an airplane flying to Iceland. Capheus arrives and is amazed to look out the window and see that they are above the clouds. He tells her that she is very lucky, and she says that she is just privileged. Capheus says she is lucky because she can still see her father. Riley wonders if something terrible will happen when she goes back.

Riley Edit

Riley arrives at the airport. Her father is waiting for her, playing "Baba O'Riley" on an ukulele.

At their home, Riley comes down the stairs to find her father playing piano. Riley says that she had the best sleep she's had in a long time.

Over pancakes, Riley's father tells her he is proud of her DJ work. He leaves for rehearsal and says that Sven is next door and available to give her a ride. Riley has a vision of Yrsa telling her that she should not have come back.

Will Edit

Will and Diego walk the streets with the gang kid, on their way to meet someone. Diego and Will recognize the man that they are meeting with: Ludacris Lincoln. Diego mentions that Will was once involved with Lincoln's ex. Ludacris is initially angry at Will but he agrees to make a deal. Ludacris requests that his gang be left alone in exchange for the information, and Will agrees.

Ludacris brings out the lookout kid, who hands them his phone. The phone has pictures of the church exterior, showing men in gas masks carrying a body bag into a white van. The photos include the van's license plate number, and Diego says he will trace it. Will also recognizes Mr Whispers in the photographs.

At the van rental company, Will and Diego find the white van. Will has a brief vision of Angelica's corpse in the back of the van.

Kala and Wolfgang Edit

Kala talks to a statue of Ganesha, asking him why he has sent her visions. She tells him of visions of a woman committing suicide, a woman in prison, and a man with a very large "trunk". She asks Ganesha for understanding. Wolfgang appears and says that the gods do not care about them.

Kala and Wolfgang are outside a cafe in Berlin, where it's raining heavily. In Bombay, Kala moves to a rooftop and they continue their conversation there. They talk about religion, and how Kala asked Ganesha to stop their wedding. Wolfgang asks if that means that she considers their connection a miracle. Kala says that "miraculous" is an appropriate description.

Kala talks about growing up with her father's restaurant, and that she loves it because she hates to be alone. She has a childhood flashback to a Holi parade. She is with her mother, walking through streets packed with revelers. She loses her mother's hand in the crowd. A young boy takes her hand, and leads her to a giant parade float of Ganesha. They crawl inside and climb up to the top. They look out at the view, and Kala's eyes are dazzled by the sight of the entire festival. Adult Kala says that the moment made her a believer.

Wolfgang asks her how she can believe in a god if she is also a scientist. Kala points out that there are many scientific phenomena that defy explanation, such as quantum physics or gravity. Kala talks about the mysterious attraction known as gravity, and that without it none of this would exist. Gravity pulls them together to a kiss.

Felix arrives at the cafe and interrupts the kiss, asking Wolfgang where he is. Felix has received news from Abraham that he is willing to purchase the rest of the diamonds. Felix is excited, and asks Wolfgang why he looks down. Wolfgang says he wants to get out of Berlin and take a trip to India.

Capheus Edit

Capheus waits in his van as Silas' daughter receives medical treatment. He has a flashback to childhood. His tribe's leaders are arguing that the boy must leave, because of his father's blood. Capheus' mother tells them to go to hell, and she takes Capheus and leaves the tribe.

Later, Capheus is at Silas' headquarters celebrating the birthday of Silas' daugher. Silas says that he will do anything for his daughter. He takes Capheus downstairs, where he has a man held prisoner. Silas says that the man once worked for him, but betrayed him. Silas puts the man's arms on a table and chops off his hands with a machete. The handless man expresses displeasure at this. Silas says, "he understood the risks."

Wolfgang Edit

Back at the shop, Felix is very worried. Abraham didn't show for their appointment and his shop was unexpectedly closed. A girl appears at the door and asks for help. Felix reluctantly moves to the door. The girl backs away, revealing a black van with Steiner inside. Steiner unloads a shotgun blast into Felix's chest. Felix is knocked back and lands in a crash of broken glass. Wolfgang and Steiner make eye contact before Steiner's van pulls away.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"The gods don't give a shit about us." - Wolfgang


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