Visiting is an ability only accessible by sensates who have made eye contact or are in the same cluster. Visiting sensates are transported to the location of another sensate, occasionally switching between both of their locations.

Mechanics Edit

Visitors experience the following supernatural events when visiting:

  • Can only be seen and heard by the sensate they are visiting.
  • Can communicate with the sensate they are visiting, regardless of language barriers.
  • Can feel the same sensations as the person they are visiting.
  • Can vaguely read the thoughts and feelings of the person they are visiting.
  • In special cases, sensates visiting the same person can see and interact with each other, provided they are from the same cluster or have all previously made eye contact.

Uses Edit

Visiting is the most common method of interacting with a sensate. However, it may not always be desirable. Whispers tracks clusters by making eye contact with a sensate and visiting them to find their location. He then tracks them down and kidnaps them, forcing them to reveal the locations of the rest of the cluster.

Whispers is able to visit members of a cluster by proxy through a captured member. This involves inducing acute pain in a member of the target cluster while said member is connected to BPO equipment. This enables the perpetrator to sense the surroundings of one or more members of the cluster, as the perpetrator visits in the place of the painstruck victim. The connection is not permanent nor stable, and it is unknown if pain is the best way to reproduce the phenomenon. Whispers is the only one shown using such a technique, and personally developed most of the equipment.

Gallery Edit

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