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Teagan Marks is Nomi's sister and the daughter of Janet Marks. She visits Nomi in the hospital with their mother.

Teagan's wedding is featured in Season 2 episode 9, What Family Actually Means in which we get a glimpse into her relationship with Nomi, in addition to a general feel of the Marks family dynamic.

Background Edit

After birthing Nomi, Janet and Lawrence conceived another child, their first daughter whom they had named Teagan. It is revealed that Teagan was a perfect child: had great grades, was always had a positive outlook on life, and was obnoxiously nice to many people around here. Nomi was jealous and made many attempts to sour her younger sibling's life so that she felt a couple of the negative aspects that Nomi had. It is also revealed that the constant harassment and troublemaking Teagan's older sibling got into made their parents wish "she would be more like Teagan."

Before undergoing surgery, Nomi had a big fight with Teagan about receiving it to continue transitioning. Whether it was because she did not understand it or the fear of losing her sibling was not clear. Waking the next day from surgery, Teagan greeted her sister with a cupcake and the birthday song. Since this moment, the two sisters have had a loving and supportive relationship with each other.

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