Soo-Jin is a minor character in Season One of Sense8. She is one of Sun Bak's cellmates, along Min-Jung and Lina.


Soo-Jin has been imprisoned for killing her husband. Her motivations are not given, but she says "he was a bad man".

In Cheongju Prison, Prisoner 818 takes advantage of her fast work in sewing duty.

Season OneEdit

W. W. N. Double D?Edit

When Sun Bak is brought to her cell, Soo-Jin asks if she really stole all the investors' money. During their tea conversation, Min-Jung says Soo-Jin killed her husband, just like her.

On Sun's first day of sewing, Soo-Jin volunteers to train her, and the two become friends. Sun is shocked to see Prisoner 818 take Soo-Jin's work to get outside privilege, which Soo-Jin sadly confirms to happen often.

We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our HeartsEdit

Sun bemoans to be giving extra work to Soo-Jin, but Soo-Jin replies she enjoys teaching her, as it helps time go faster, and as she rarely goes outside anyhow. As Soo-Jin hints at liking to paint, Sun decides to stand up to 818, allowing Soo-Jin to go outside.

When Sun finishes her own work, she meets Soo-Jin outside. She had painted her three sisters, whom she missed, at the mural, and invites Sun to paint along.

Death Doesn't Let You Say GoodbyeEdit

She makes a cameo in this episode, sitting in the cell, sewing a blue cloth (possibly Sun's uniform, which had been cut by 818) while Sun reads a book beside her. Until a guard comes to inform Sun has a visitor.

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