Richard Wilson Croome is a minor character in Season 2 of Sense8. He is Milton Gibbon's superior at BPO and informs him that the year-ago mishap has put a dent in the company's finances and resources. During this meeting (without his knowledge), Whispers was growing close to having his secrets exposed by the Aug. 8 Cluster.

Watching Whispers in his quiet chamber speak with Will behind the mirror, a request is made to meet with Croome physically without Milton creeping behind them. When Whispers refuses, Nomi and Will reveal his affair and ask for Jonas Maliki to visit them again.

Croome choose to meet Will in a museum, where he tells Will about the history of BPO and how he wishes to return the organization back to its original function. As a token of trust and amends, he offers Will blockers, the same kind used by Milton, and a handshake. Without warning, an artist believed to be under control of Whispers jabs a sharpened paintbrush into Croome's neck, killing him from blood loss.

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