Raoul Pascal was a sensate in Angelica's firstborn cluster. He was a Mexican journalist and reporter.

Biography Edit

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Season Two Edit

Who Am I? Edit

Raoul is shown visiting Sara Patrell's house at some point in the past, though it is ambiguous whether he visited physically or through Jonas.

Obligate Mutualisms Edit

Jonas recounts the birth of Raoul's cluster, including the fact that Jonas had personally met Raoul. Lito recalls his sexual encounter with Raoul.

Polyphony Edit

Isolated Above, Connected Below Edit

In an argument between his cluster and Angelica about some kind of research, Raoul accused Angelica of "hid[ing] out in Walden while they herd the rest of us into cattle cars."

At some point after Raoul was lobotomized, Angelica summoned Whispers and Dr. Metzger to the cabin, telling them that Raoul was trying to destroy her work. At the same time, Angelica used Raoul's body to call his father and self immolate, incinerating the cabin and killing Raoul.

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