Rajan Rasal is economist from Mumbai, India. He is also married to Kala Dandekar. He loves her but she does not truly love him back.


Rajan is the son of the owner of a big pharmaceutical company.

He is desired by many women at the pharmaceuical workplace for his good looks and intellect, but the only woman who he found interest in was Kala.

Rajan does not believe in the old Indian gods and is an enemy of the temple. His father was attacked by religious activists.


Season One Edit

Limbic Resonance Edit

During a visit at the Temple of Ganesha, Kala mentions her husband Rajan and how her family is excited that she is to marry him for love over arrangement. She, on the other hand, does not express any love for him.

I Am Also A We Edit

Making an actual appearnace, Rajan makes a speech at the engagement party, in which he tells the story of how he developed a serious crush on Kala, despite having all the other women of the workplace begging to have his affection. He, alongside male back-up dancers, perform a song and dance routine. Kala, soon, joined the dancing, backed up with her own group of female dancers. Everyone is cheering and enjoying the performance, all applauding when it was finished.

Art Is Like Religion Edit

Night; Rajan arrives at the wedding on a motorcycle, surrounded by friends and family and various other attendees that were there. He eventually dismounts and awaits his bride Kala.

They perform the traditional seven steps and say their vows to wed each other. Eventually, Kala stops and gradually faints, alarming everyone.

Season Two Edit

A Christmas Special Edit

After Kala and Rajan's second wedding and official marriage, they vacation in Italy, spending time on their honeymoon. Rajan asks why Kala feels troubled. Though it sounds as though she was about to explain her sensate status, he interjects that she was concerned because of a conversation he had with Priya over Kala's virginity. Quickly, he is met with anger as she berates him for conversing as though she was an object. He eventually apologizes for the act.

Time passes and at night, Rajan celebrates Kala's birthday on the beach outside the villa, presenting her with a beautiful gem necklace. They dance among the attendees and even witnesses Kala play disc jockey at the turntables, amazed by the hidden talent. The couple continue to dance before heading back to the villa.

While Rajan rests in his underwear waiting for Kala, he is seen playing a game on his phone. When Kala emerges from the bathroom, he is struck by her beauty, uttering that he could not be any more happier... until he hears Kala command that he make love to her. Though he shares a kiss with her, Rajan notices that Kala is constantly distracted, watching her look next to him and speak to an unknown entity while she rest atop him. Eventually, he watches Kala climb out of bed and begs her to come back to bed. Rajan collapses and ruptures a vein in his penis, Kala quick to his aid as she rushes him to the hospital.

The next day, he is seen greeted by his doctor, whom tells Rajan that he is fine. The doctor, however, continues with different scenarios in which Rajan could be in worser conditions, leaving the injured man briefly panicking. Kala asks the doctor if there was anything she could do to speed the recovery, to which the doctor replies with "love" before leaving the couple's room. When Kala shares a kiss with Rajan, he feel penile pain, whimpering that Kala's love was causing him pain.

Gallery Edit

Memorable Quotes Edit

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