Polyphony is the third regular episodes of Sense8 Season Two.


Kala and Capheus are caught in the middle of angry protests. Lito looks into a journalist's disappearance and uncovers new info on Angelica's cluster.

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Kala and Wolfgang
Capheus, Kala, and Nomi

Reaching a stop, Jela sees Zakia coming towards the Van Damn. He jokes that she only came back to find a new fabricated story, one in which Jela owns Capheus. Tapping his friend aside, Zakia tells Capheus that their first interview is trending and that her boss wanted a sequel story to publish about Van Damme. He agrees and they board the bus to his next destination. The matatu eventually stops as Capheus finds a horde of people rallying before them. He learns that the price for water has increased to the point where not one person is able to afford it. Capheus approaches the man witholding it, telling him that "water is life." The man says that water is a commodity that has to be paid for in order to use.

Kala and Sahana walk together to the Temple of Ganesha to pray again for the first time since the incident where her husband was almost assassinated. As they reach the top of the stairs, they witness a sea of people protesting the new policies that have been placed on the temple: metal detectors, guards, and crowded lines. Kala makes a comment that everyone present only want to worship in peace. A protestor emerges over the crowd and begins to chant that the only rules they will follow are those of their God, "one truth, our truth." Next to the uneasy tension, one of Guru Yash's followers points to Kala and calls out "the Devil," leaving the crowd into a frenzy to grab Kala.

Amanita, listening to two authors talk about their book, stands by a column and enjoys alongside the fans. While she enjoys the Q&A, she hears Nomi through an earpiece expresses extreme jealousy. Soon, the conversation is cut short as Amanita returns to the corner, leaving Nomi questioning if she herself believes in happy ending. Around closing time, the two seem to continue their talk about the authors when Amanita spots Agent Bendix waiting to trail her. To keep him away from the boathouse, Amanita tells Nomi that she plans to "lose him" before riding off on her motorcycle. Nomi calls out for her with no response.

Capheus, Kala, and Nomi were suddenly pushed and shoved around, the three alternating between Nairobi, Mumbi, and San Francisco before resolution set in. The people were given their water, Kala and Sahana manage to escape the temple unharmed, and Amanita returns safe and sound. Nomi adds that she feels the boathouse is leaving her feeling crazy, to which her girlfriend agrees.

Riley, Kala, Will, Nomi, and Lito
Lito, Will, Nomi, and Riley
Will and Nomi



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  • This episode runs for 58 minutes and 7 seconds.
  • The title originates from the reading at the San Francisco bookstore.


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