Obligate Mutualisms is the second regular episodes of Sense8 Season Two.


The Sensates make contact with a key figure in the BPO. Ripped from her prison cell, Sun sends out a plea for help. Wolfgang meets an intriguing stranger.

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Plot Edit

Nomi Edit

Nomi helps will by finding Croome's phone number and texting him to negotiate a meeting with Jonas.

Nomi and Almanita are about to leave, when Nomi senses that Sun is in trouble. With the help of Bug, they manage to hack into the security cameras. They later help Sun escape from prison.

Wolfgang and Felix Edit

Wolfgang helps the other sensates at various points throughout the episode. He goes with Felix to visit Fuchs. He makes eye contact with the sensate Lila, Fuchs' right hand woman, who tries to seduce him. He resists, but his weird behaviour is noticed by Felix.

Capheus Edit

Capheus is shown to be feeling the pain of Sun when she is attacked, and almost crashes the bus. He later helps Sun escape prison by helping her drive the bus.

Lito Edit

Lito, Daniela andd Hernando are seen searching for an apartment. They visit one way out of their price range, and talks with Hernando about the situation. Daniela comes out to join them on the balcony, and says that they could afford the place if she sells her appartment. The three of them appear to plan on buying the apartment.

Riley Edit

Riley is seen to be caring for Will at the start of the episode. Believing they have defeated Milton, she takes Will outside. She is seen watching Will's interaction with Jonas.

Sun and Min-Jung Edit

Shortly after witnessing Will's "defeat" of Whispers, Sun is fetched by three guards of the prison. Together with the help of the other sensates, she realises that they are not real guards, and have been sent to kill her. Nomi tries to help by watching through the CCTV cameras, but they soon are shut down. Sun tries to fight the guards, but they overpower her with a taser and drag her into a room. They attempt to lynch her, and are succeeding until Min-Jung stabs one of them through the abdomen with a broom stick. Sun kills the other guards and takes their keys. With the help of Nomi, Bug and some of the other sensates, they escape the prison in a bus. They later ditch the bus, and swap it for a car, where they then make their way to Min-Jung's Friend, Mrs Cho.

Will Edit

Will is seen talking to Milton in a cell and taunts him much to the delight of the other sensates. Croome enters, and Will communicates with him using Milton, claiming he wants to meet him face to face. After Milton refuses to repeat the rest of what Will says, Nomi sends a text message to Croome saying they want 'Milton on ice' and 'Jonas'. After Milton is sedated, Will wakes up surrounded by the other sensates. Believing they have won, Riley takes him outside of the apartment, and they look around Amsterdam.

Will manages to negotiate a meeting with Jonas through Croome. Jonas tells Will about his sensate birth and his meeting with Angelica. He also tells Will about Angelica's first subcluster, and how she ended up working with Milton. Will is also warned not to trust Croome.

Will meets with Croome in an art gallery, and they look at a painting by Rembrandt together. Croome explains the history of BPO and how he wants to bring back the company to its original purpose. He gives Will blockers, the same as used by Milton, as an act of friendship, before an artist jumps out and stabs Croome in the neck. She appears to be under the influence of Milton, and goes after Will. Will knocks her down, and she kills herself.



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