Mrs. Cho is an old, trustworthy friend and former cellmate of Min-Jung. She allows Sun and Min-Jung to take shelter in her apartment, away from the police.

Though, her neighbors submitted a report to the City of Seoul Police after finding two discarded prison uniforms in her trash. Visited by Detective Mun, Mrs. Cho plays the elderly lady in the hopes to deter him and his partner, to no success, and allows them to search her apartment.

Background Edit

Mrs. Cho used to co-own a restuarant in Seoul, alongside her husband Mr. Cho. When her husband was in debt to some powerful people, he committed suicide, leaving the debt placed on her. She and her son were told to take a vacation in Japan for ten days.

When she returned, Mrs. Cho lost her restuarant and was arrested for her husband's debt. When she was released, her son did not communicate with her (if at all) and felt ashamed of his mother.

Appearances Edit

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