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Min-Jung is a minor character in Sense8 season one, played by Yuh-Jung Youn. She is one of Sun Bak's cellmates, along Soo-Jin and Lina.


Min-Jung was married at age 22, feeling lucky for her life. Eventually, her husband lost his job and started drinking, and then beating her. After some time of terror, she put rat poison in his bibimbap and killed him, which caused her arrest at Cheongju Prison.

Season OneEdit

W. W. N. Double D?Edit

When Sun Bak is brought to her cell, the prisoners recognize her as "the embezzler". Min-Jung remarks about the shame she caused to her father and brother, congratulating her for it, much to Sun's surprise.

Afterwards, the cellmates have some tea together, as they talk about their past lives. Recalling the terror of being beaten, Min-Jung states that every moment in prison spent free of her husband is a gift.

We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our HeartsEdit

While Sun is at isolation due to her fight with Prisoner 818, Min-Jung brings her a meal. She softly utters her a comforting "We know what you did for Soo-Jin." before leaving. Along the chopsticks, they had included a paintbrush, a gift that makes Sun smile lightly.

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