Miguel Angel Silvestre (born 6 April 1982 in Castelló de la Plana) is a Spanish actor. He portrays the closeted actor Lito Rodriguez in the Netflix original series Sense8.


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Silvestre planned on becoming a professional tennis player, before suffering injury in a Hungarian tournament. He later decided to study kinesiotherapy until his aunt introduced him to the world of theatre.

Media careerEdit

Silvestre studied drama, physical theatre, modern dance and acrobatics before winning the Mister Castellón 2002 pageant.

Acting careerEdit

Silvestre stars in the Pedro Almodóvar film I'm So Excited and in the Spanish horror thriller Verbo. He also stars in the Spanish series, 'Velvet' as Alberto Marquez.

In 2015, the high profile English-language Netflix drama Sense8 was released, in which Miguel plays one of the lead characters, a closeted gay Mexican telenovela star named Lito Rodriguez.

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Lilly and Lana Wachowski (Creators, Writers, and producers) • J. Michael Straczynski (Creative Director and Producer)

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