Please Sun, help your brother. Do this for me.
— - to Sun in Smart Money is on the Skinny Bitch
Mi-Cha Bak is the deceased mother of Sun Bak and Joong-Ki Bak, and wife to Kang-Dae Bak. She was the only family member who was close to Sun.

Biography Edit

Mi-Cha Bak married Kang-Dae Bak when they were younger, and they went on to have two children, Sun and Joong-Ki. Early on in the relationship, she loved Kang-Dae, but this love faded later on.

Later on, Mi-Cha was diagnosed with cancer.

Mi-Cha was extremely close to her firstborn, Sun, who she was very proud of and loved very much, always praising her for winning her matches. She reminded Sun to always be fair to her brother, to not blame him for how much her father loved him. She also made Sun promise her one last wish, to always help and protect the family.

Mi-Cha died soon after, and in her funeral, Kang-Dae and Sun talked about feeling the loss of losing her.

Relationships Edit

Kang-Dae Bak: Mi-Cha loved Kang-Dae early on in the relationship, and later on, this love faded. Kang-Dae has said that when she was alive, he was a better man. He always has loved and respected her, and has not married anyone else since she died.

Sun Bak: MI-Cha loved her daughter very much, and was always proud of her. She trusted Sun to take care of the family for her, to help realize Kang-Dae's dream of building up the company.

Joong-Ki Bak: Mi-Cha seemed to love her son as much as she loved her daughter, and asked Sun to help him as he was to be groomed as heir to the company.

Appearances Edit

Season One Edit

Season Two Edit

Memorable Quotes Edit

  • "Do not blame your brother for how much father loves him." - Mi-Cha to Sun asking her to be fair to her brother in What's Going On?
  • "My child. So brave and strong." - to Sun in What's Going On?

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