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Lito Rodriguez is a main character in the first season of Sense8, portrayed by Miguel Silvestre. He is a closeted gay actor living with his boyfriend in Mexico City. His career is often put at odds with their secret relationship, and is a driving force behind his character.


Lito Rodriguez always wanted to be an actor but felt he couldn't pursue the roles he wanted while being openly gay. As a result, he insists to Hernando that their relationship remain a secret.[1] This, however, later puts a strain on their relationship.

Lito's father was from Bilbao, Spain, where he taught dancing.

Season 1 Edit

Limbic Resonance Edit

Lito is first seen shooting a scene in his latest movie, where he plays Tino el Caido, "the fallen one". Lito's migraine and connection to his fellow sensates have him forgetting his lines. The director complains about his visions and clumsiness, and they take a break.

Later, he is vocalizing and getting into character in his trailer. He is visibly aroused during this time, which is noticed by Cassandra, one of his co-stars. Lito rejects her advances, however, and states he is already with someone else. Cassandra, his co-star, comments that "she is a very lucky woman".

I Am Also A We Edit

Lito arrives at the premiere of his latest movie with Daniela, his co-star. A news reporter wonders if they are seeing each other, and they simply state that they are good friends.

That night, Lito and Daniela are walking together. They discuss how easy it is for Lito to lie. Daniela ends up inviting Lito to her apartment, but he refuses. Daniela, however, doesn't seem to be disheartened.

Lito goes home and wakes up his boyfriend, Hernando. They talk about Lito's day, and Hernando complains about not going to Lito's premieres with him. Lito states he has no need to be jealous because he already has his heart.

Daniela visits Lito in his apartment, and tries to seduce him. Lito tries to get her to leave but fails, and Daniela heads for his bedroom. Hernando is there, however, and states that she can't be with Lito because he is gay. Daniela is enthusiastic about this and opens her bottle of wine. She declares that she will help Lito deflect rumors about his sexuality, in exchange for staying with them. Lito and Hernando are confused, and Daniela climbs into their bed as they all take a sip of their wine.

Smart Money's on the Skinny Bitch Edit

The following morning, Lito and Hernando watch a scene from one of Lito's shows. Hernando complains the actress is ruining his lines, and they kiss. Daniela enters the room and compliments them as a couple. Lito has trouble approaching the subject of Daniela living with them. Hernando finally steps in and says they're not looking for a live-in beard. Daniela admits that she cheated on her boyfriend, Joaquin, and needed a place to lay low.

Later, Lito and Daniela are eating out. They talk about what happened between her and Joaquin, and how Joaquin knew her family. Lito wonders what her family does, and Daniela vaguely states they import/export "stuff people want".

Lito and the crew film another scene at the church. As he discusses his acting with the director, Lito gets a vision of Riley going up to Shugs' apartment. She hesitates on the doorstep and finds herself on the set, with the director telling her that she has to go through the door. Lito's connection with Riley snaps and he is introduced to Joaquin.

Lito takes Joaquin out for lunch, and Joaquin compliments his acting and the effects of his shows. Joaquin offers some "advice" on the proper technique of cutting throats, demonstrating it with his steak knife. He asks if Daniela is happy with Lito, and Lito says she is. Joaquin abruptly leaves and refuses to let Lito pay for their meal.

What's Going On? Edit

Lito recounts his visit from Joaquin to a skeptical Daniela and Hernandes. He is distant and unresponsive to both of them, and Hernandes appears to be hurt.

Art Is Like Religion Edit

Demons Edit

W. W. N. Double D? Edit

We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts Edit

Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye Edit

What Is Human?Edit

Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes Edit

I Can't Leave Her Edit


Outside the cluster Edit

  • Hernando: Love of his life. When he and Lito are forced to give Daniela to Joaquin so he won't reveal to the world they're a couple, he breaks up with Lito in disgust, accusing him of giving up his friend to save his career. When Lito gets her back, he forgives him and they get back together.
  • Daniela Velasquez: Beard and later good friend. He defends her against her abusive, stalker-like, kinda boyfriend. She accepts his and Hernando's relationship, even going so far as to be turned on by it, and is an advocate for them. After Joaquin blackmails Lito to get Daniela back, resulting in Hernando breaking up with him for a while in disgust, he later saves her thanks to Wolfgang fighting skills.

Inside the cluster Edit

  • Nomi Marks: She changes the way Lito thinks about being openly gay, after he shares his first experience with Hernando with her and his fears, by telling him that the worst violence is the one people inflict to themselves and sharing with him her bullied youth.
  • Sun Bak: In Art is like Religion, Lito suffers the emotional effects of Sun's period and they have a quick chat when Sun asks him to stop screaming.
  • Wolfgang Bogdanow: He helps Lito by telling him to "fix his mistake" about Hernando leaving him, and later helps him doing so by beating Joaquin in a fight and saving Daniela.
  • Kala Dandekar: Never spoken to each other.
  • Capheus "Van Damme": Never spoken to each other.
  • Will Gorski: Helps him finding Riley's room during I Can't Leave Her, by charming an employee of Whispers.
  • Riley Blue: Never spoken to each other.


  • Acting - Lito's skill is often channeled when emotional deception or stalling is needed.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Lito's bedroom has a Red River poster in French. According to Sense8 co-creator J. Michael Straczynski, "There's long been suspicion Wayne was [a] closeted gay [man.]"[2]


References Edit


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