In this country, sometimes the only place you can find a brave and honest woman is in prison.
— Lina

Lina is a minor character in Sense8 season one. She is one of Sun Bak's cellmates at Cheongju Prison, along Soo-Jin and Min-Jung.


Lina pushed her father, who was in a wheelchair, down an elevator shaft. An act that caused her arrest.

Season OneEdit

W. W. N. Double D?Edit

When Sun Bak is brought to her cell, Lina notices that she is "the embezzler". During their tea conversation, she reveals the reason she's been arrested, and shares her vision about being a woman in South Korea. She's also seen working at sewing duty.

We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our HeartsEdit

Lina sits behind Sun and Soo-Jin at sewing duty. She warns Soo-Jin when Prisoner 818 is about to come.

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