Lawrence Marks is the father of Nomi and Teagan. He is a name partner in the law firm "Winslow, Wise, Allegretti and Marks."

History Edit

Season One Edit

Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye Edit

Nomi relates that her father hated her for liking dolls. Lawrence forced her to join a swim club that he had joined during his childhood, where Nomi was attacked and received second degree burns.

Season Two Edit

What Family Actually Means Edit

Lawrence is present during Teagan's wedding reception.

During Teagan's wedding ceremony, Agent Bendix arrives to arrest Nomi. At first Lawrence tells Nomi to leave with him quietly and then he will figure out later how to get her out. However after it becomes clear that Agent Bendix is trying to arrest Nomi without a warrant, as Nomi had erased herself by e-death, Lawrence threatens Agent Bendix with a career ending lawsuit courtesy of his law firm. As he does so he refers to Nomi as his daughter. Before the reception resumed Amanita asked Nomi what was wrong as there were tears in her eyes. She replied with the fact that her dad had never refereed to her as daughter, thereby refusing to acknowledge who she is. Lawrence had finally accepted her.

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