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I'm not like Sun. I do not know how to use my fists, but...that doesn't mean I don't know how to fight!
— Kala in I Can't Leave Her

Kala Dandekar (Devanagari: कला दांडेकर), portrayed by Tina Desai, is a main character in the Netflix series, Sense8. Kala is a pharmacist and devout Hindu, working at a very successful pharmaceutical company in Mumbai. She is engaged to, then married to Rajan Rasal, the son of her company's CEO, although she does not love him.[1]

Kala's story arc begins with her marriage to Rajan and her inner turmoil from her desire to not marry him and her suppressed sexual desire for Wolfgang, another member of her cluster with whom she shares an intense connection. Kala was the only girl Rajan ever took an interest in, and despite marrying him on what Kala's parents call a "love marriage" she does not love him. This is confirmed in the scene where Wolfgang interrupts their wedding (only seen by Kala) naked and brings up the fact that she does not love him and when Kala mentions how the gods stopped her wedding to Rajan because she does not want to marry him. She marries him despite her apprehension to it and her strong feelings for Wolfgang.

Kala is naive and intelligent, she is able to help the other sensates with her knowledge about chemicals and medication. Her naivety is illustrated with her awkward overreaction to naked Wolfgang and her response to sex in general. It is later revealed this is because she is a virgin. Kala takes much refuge in praying to Ganesh, the Hindu elephant god, and often goes to the temple to pray to him. As a child, Kala found herself lost during the Ganesh Charthuti Festival, and ended up inside one of the floats where she could see a bird's eye view of everyone during the festivities. In awe of this sight and from her experience she feels an attachment to the god Ganesh. [2] She struggles with her feelings for Wolfgang, learning about the darker side to reality (the violent aspects) and has to face religious extremism from people at her favorite temple towards her father-in-law (who is attacked when he finds Kala at the temple to tell her he does not want her to marry his son).



Kala Dandekar was born in Mumbai. Her father runs a restaurant and with his support, she completes her university education and becomes a chemist working for a large drug company. There, she catches the attention of the CEO's son, a kind man named Rajan who pursues a relationship with Kala despite his father's disapproval over differences in religion. Aware that her family is overjoyed at her relationship, Kala feels her engagement to Rajan will make her father very happy. Ironically, although her marriage is considered a "love marriage" (she chose to date Rajan and accept his proposal), she does not love him.

Kala is very close to her father, but at times frustrated that he is more preoccupied with her impending wedding rather than her professional accomplishments. She loves dancing and her father's cooking.

During the first season, she shares a number of intimate conversations about her faith, her philosophy, her pain (over the attempted murder of her future father-in-law), and life in India. However, Kala's specialized talents are not visible until the end of the season, where her knowledge of chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences becomes helpful for building a bomb to save Wolfgang and for mixing a drug cocktail to wake a sedated Riley.

Like the rest of her cluster, she often prioritizes the needs of others over her own (Sun, Capheus, Will, and Riley are all preoccupied with protecting their families or grieve their inability to do so). In some ways, she is especially attuned to a sense of connectivity and collectivism as it reflects her cultural sensibilities within her own family.

Season 1Edit

At the start of season 1, Kala is engaged to be married to Rajan, but she has significant doubts about whether she wants to marry. After being "born" as a sensate, Kala has the strongest connection with Wolfgang, and the two begin a romantic relationship that they don't fully understand. Naked Wolfgang appears in a vision at Kala and Rajan's wedding, which causes Kala to faint and the wedding to be stopped. There is uncertainty whether to redo the wedding. Rajan's father is attacked at a temple while visiting Kala, and Kala puts her feelings on hold during his recovery. She is shocked when Wolfgang goes on his killing rampage, and pleads with him to stop. At the end of season 1, Wolfgang reveals to Kala that he is a "monster", and tells her she must marry Rajan.

Kala helps the other sensates with her medical knowledge and scientific expertise. During Wolfgang's attack on his uncle's estate, she helps him create a bomb out of household items. During the Iceland escape, she puts together a drug cocktail that will wake up an unconscious Riley.

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Outside the cluster Edit

  • Rajan Rasal: In season one she is engaged to marry Rajan for what is supposed to be a "love marriage," but she does not love him and is unsure of whether or not to pursue the relationship. In the Christmas special F*cking New Year! she has married Rajan Rasal, and so has changed her name to Kala Rasal.

Inside the cluster Edit

  • Wolfgang Bogdanow: Wolfgang is Kala's most significant relationship within the cluster and they first see each other during Kala's wedding dinner (I Am Also A We). They sing "What's Up" by The Blondes on Kala's bedroom, together with their fellow cluster members (What's Going On?). When her sister asked her why she was so happy, she said it was because of Rajan. They talked to each other again in a public bathroom while Wolfgang was urinating. Kala recognized Wolfgang as the man singing in her dreams. At her wedding, Wolfgang appeared nude in front of her while she was saying her vows to Rajan. Wolfgang asked her why she was marrying Rajan if she doesn't love him. She was so freaked out by his nudity that she fainted and the wedding was postponed Art Is Like Religion.
In the episode Demons, Kala finally woke up after fainting in Wolfgang's house. After the events in the wedding, Kala believes Wolfgang ruined her life. She called him a demon and told him that he doesn't have decency. Wolfgang grinned and asked her why did she looked at his naked body if she has a problem with it. He kept on flirting with her, telling her that he wants her and he could feel that she wants him, too.
In the episode W. W. N. Double D?, Kala was praying to Ganesha about the weird things that are happening to her. Wolfgang appeared, saying that God doesn't care. WOlfgang said he can't stop thinking about her. They talked about faith and their miraculous connection. Kala opened up about her faith to Ganesha, her fears and the wedding. They moved closer to kiss but was interrupted by Felix. In We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts, Kala and Wolfgang was talking in the hospital after Felix got shot. Wolfgang talked about his childhood. He opened up about his relationship with Felix, the abuse from his father and his harsh experiences that made him who he is.
In the episode Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes and I Can't Leave Her, Kala is trying to stop Wolfgang from stirring up a trouble that he might not get out of. Wolfgang told her that she is doing the same thing as Wolfgang and they will never understand each other because they are from different worlds. After Wolfgang is caught up by the people who trying to kill him, he visited Kala to say goodbye. Kala, not ready to lose Wolfgang, taught Wolfgang how to make a bomb to kill his enemies. Wolfgang said to Kala that he is a monster like his father and uncle. He killed his uncle afterwards. He looked at Kala, who is crying, telling her that she should stay away from him and marry Rajan.

Skills Edit

  • Chemistry - Kala has a deep knowledge of chemistry and medicine, picked up from her pharmaceutical course and laboratory experience. She uses this knowledge to craft a bomb for Wolfgang using materials and appliances found underneath a kitchen sink, as well as help Will synthesise a serum that shocks Riley into consciousness after being sedated.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I know I am not important enough to deserve your attention when there are so many terrible things in this world." - Kala in Limbic Resonance
"Just turn the wheel, and the future changes." - Kala in Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes
"I'm not like Sun. I do not know how to use my fists, but...that doesn't mean I don't know how to fight!" - Kala in I Can't Leave Her
" My love for science doesn’t preclude my faith. For me, science is another language we use to talk about the same miracles faith talks about."


References Edit

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