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Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes is the eleventh episode in season 1 of Sense8. It was released on Netflix June 5, 2015.


Riley's fate draws nearer, while Capheus and Sun are put to the test, and Wolfgang makes his boldest move yet.

Plot Edit

Nomi, Will and Riley (in San Francisco and Iceland) Edit

In a flashback, Riley is stumbling across a snow-covered mountain. In the present, Riley is lying in a hospital bed. She sees a vision of her late husband Magnus, who asks her to come with him. She sees a vision of Yrsa, who calls her stupid, and says she will die there.

Nomi wakes up panicked, aware of Riley's situation and her imminent capture by BPO. Nomi and Amanita are joined by Will. They want to see what information BPO has on Riley, but Nomi's hacking equipment is gone. Then, Bug appears at the door of Amanita's apartment. He says that he had already found Nomi's equipment by tracing police inventory logs, and he hands over the equipment.

Nomi hacks away, and sets up a trap to block any online communication related to Riley.

As Nomi visits Riley, she says that Riley's father has been waiting outside her hospital room for hours. Nomi also notices that Will is sitting with Riley, stroking her hair.

Riley experiences an intense flashback. It's nighttime on a snowy road. Magnus is driving the speeding car and Riley is in labor.

Will and Nomi try to figure out how much time they have; Jonas arrives, telling them that they're out of time. Whispers knows about Riley. Jonas tells them that Whispers is with him in the lab. Whispers guides Jonas on what he should tell the others.

Capheus, Sun and Will (in Nairobi) Edit

Capheus brings Amondi to the Jela's home. Capheus says there is something he must do, and he says that someone will come later to pick up Amondi. Capheus says he must settle a debt.

Capheus drives the Van Damn across the highways of Nairobi. He pulls into the headquarters of the Superpower gang. They are initially happy to see him, but become angry on discovering that his bus does not contain Amondi. Capheus tells the boss that they should settle their quarrel like men. They force Capheus inside their warehouse.

Sun awaits in solitary. She is led to meet with a visitor, her brother Joong-Ki. Joong-Ki tells her that the previous night, their father was depressed and drinking heavily. That day, the police found him dead. He had apparently committed suicide from car exhaust. Sun cries. Joong-Ki says that they still have each other, and offers his hand. Sun realizes that Joong-Ki killed their father. Joong-Ki initially feigns ignorance, then becomes increasingly hostile. He motions to leave, and Sun leaps on him, punching his face mercilessly. His face is drenched in blood by the time the guards pull her off.

Back in Nairobi, the Superpower gang boss brings out Silas, heavily beaten and handcuffed. The boss tells Capheus to put Silas out of his misery, and offers him a machete. Capheus shakes his head, and a gang member points a pistol at Capheus' head. Capheus takes the machete. The boss screams at him to do it, "like a man!"

Sun paces in her cell. Capheus walks in her place as well. Sun begins punching the cement wall in controlled bursts. Her knuckles are bleeding, and every punch leaves a spot of blood on the wall. In Nairobi, the boss screams at Capheus to kill Kabaka. In prison, Sun / Capheus punch with increasing intensity.

Sun takes over Capheus' body in Nairobi. She dodges a gang member's pistol shot, wherein another gang member is shot. She swings her machete, removing the pistol hand from his arm. In a flurry of slashes and kicks, she fights off the attacking gang members. Eventually, Sun / Capheus stand over a pile of dead bodies. Capheus returns to the Van Damn and drives off.

The gang boss stumbles to his feet as reinforcements arrive. He commands, "find them!"

Capheus speeds down the highway in the Van Damn, unsure if he is being pursued. Silas rides in the bus. They are stopped by a traffic jam. A jeep of armed men reaches the traffic jam and pursue on foot.

Capheus appears in Riley's hospital room, interrupting Will and Kala. Capheus says he thinks he's about to die. Will jumps in to action. In Nairobi, Will reaches out the bus window, and grabs a gun from an attacker and shoots him. Capheus takes the wheel, reversing into cars and knocking back several gang members. The attackers pepper the van with bullets. He pulls forward across the median, and drives into oncoming traffic. He escapes across the highway and into a back alley.

The gang boss pursues Capheus on a motorcycle. After some driving, the two find each other at opposite ends of a street. They accelerate towards each other. Capheus screams as the boss unloads his pistol at the van. At the last moment, Capheus turns the wheel and the bus skids sideways, hitting the gang boss with the side of the bus. The boss and his motorcycle are sent flying and the Van Damn comes to a stop, victorious.

The damaged Van Damn returns to Jela's house. Silas hugs his daughter. He nods approvingly at Capheus.

Kala and Will (in Mumbai) Edit

In Mumbai, Kala and Rajan are talking. Kala reveals that Rajan's father did not want them to get married. Rajan says he already knew, and he is impressed that Kala told him the truth. Rajan asks Kala if she still wants to get married.

Kala returns to her temple. She is greeted by a crowd who hails her as a hero, because she brought Papa-ji to the temple where he could be attacked. She rejects their praise. A holy man gets close to her and Will takes over her body, pinning the man to a wall and telling them all to leave.

Will and Kala greet each other. Kala asks Will where he is, he says Chicago, but that his thoughts are really with Riley in Iceland. Their consciousnesses drift to Iceland where they visit Riley in her hospital bed.

Wolfgang and Kala (in Berlin) Edit

Wolfgang pulls up to a hospital in Berlin. He walks over to a man in a parked car, who asks him what he's doing there. Wolfgang knocks him out. He wheels the now-unconscious man onto a wheelchair and parks him in front of Felix's room. He disconnects Felix from the medical equipment.

Wolfgang drops off Felix at a different medical facility. He tells the nurse to keep him under the name Conan. Wolfgang tells them that he won't be long as he hands the nurse an envelope full of cash.

Wolfgang pulls up at his uncle's mansion. Kala appears, sensing that Wolfgang should not be at this place. Kala fearfully tells Wolfgang to leave, saying, "just turn the wheel and the future changes." Wolfgang takes a gun out of the glove box and says that Kala doesn't understand his world. They briefly kiss and Wolfgang pulls in to the mansion.

Kala and Sun Edit

After her conversation with Wolfgang, Kala returns to her lab in Mumbai, crying. Sun appears and tells her that crying won't help. Sun tells her that one can't let go of their feelings. Sun says that she takes all her feelings and pushes them into her fists, and fights.

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