Joong-Ki Bak is the younger brother of Sun. He became the CEO of Bak Industries after the death of his father, Kang-Dae Bak. He embezzled money on the company which his sister took the fall for. He is a corrupt and cowardly philander.


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He visits Sun in prison and claims that their father - who was going to confess the truth to the police - committed suicide. Sun sees through his story and accuses him of murdering their father so he couldn't tell the police of his involvement because he is terrified of prison. Sun proceeds to attack and beat him before the guards drag her back. She assures him that she knows what he did and that he will pay.

Since the incident, Joong-Ki has made many attempts to kill Sun in prison while acting as CEO and creating stories that his sister is mentally unstable. He also may have made connections to a politician by the name of Tae Park.

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