Janet Marks is the mother to Nomi and Teagan.


Birth of Nomi and Teagan MarksEdit

Janet Giving Birth

Janet while giving birth to Michael

When pregnant with her first child, Janet gave birth to Nomi through Caesarean section instead of natural birth at a San Francisco hospital. Janet gave birth to her second child, Teagan, a few years later, and raised both of her children in a welcoming and loving family.

Nomi's Transition to NomiEdit

After Nomi's incident within the boy's locker room at their neighborhood community center during her childhood, she began her transition. Janet refused to accept her gender identity, and continued to call her by her birth name, "Michael," and by male pronouns.

Teagan stayed at Janet's house while Nomi left after reaching her mid to late twenties. After Nomi left, Janet, while disappointed at Nomi's decision, still cared for her and allowed her to live her life freely.

Meeting Dr. Metzger and Reunion with NomiEdit

After Nomi fainted during a Gay Pride parade, she was sent to a hospital in San Francisco. Janet and Teagan visited Nomi while she was unconscious. Before Jan and Teagan gained permission to see Nomi, they were confronted by Dr. Metzger who told them that Nomi has Undifferentiated Frontal Lobe Syndrome and it is spreading across her brain. Metzger then told Janet that Nomi could die in six months unless he performs surgery in order to prevent growth of the syndrome. Janet agreed with Metzger and allowed the surgery to take place after Michael's consent.

Janet and Teagan Visiting Nomi

Janet, Teagan, and Dr. Metzger attempting to comfort Nomi

After Nomi regained consciousness, Janet and Teagan were present in the room to greet her until the nurse walked into the medical room and accidentally called Nomi "Michael" since Janet has disliked Nomi's name. After lecturing Nomi on how she should not ride motorcycles and how Amanita is not present, Nomi asked Janet and Teagan to leave. Janet complied with Nomi but requested that she and Teagan not leave until Dr. Metzger informs Nomi about her condition.

After Metzger arrived and after informing Nomi about her UFLS, Nomi demanded everyone to leave her room after being very frightened and sad after her mother kept calling her by her birth name. Before returning home, Dr. Metzger and Janet singed the medical forms to have Nomi undergo surgery for her diagnosed UFLS.

Final Day before SurgeryEdit

Janet, Metzger, and Nurse with Nomi

Janet, the Day Nurse, and Metzger visit Nomi before surgery

Two days after signing the medical forms, Janet returned to check on Nomi. After Metzger asked Nomi questions about events she was not involved with, Metzger told his nurse that Nomi's disease has worsen and demanded surgery to be done immediately.

Before being sent out by the hospital staff, Janet said her farewells to Nomi. After Nomi escaped from the hospital, Janet was informed, presumably by the staff at the hospital, that Nomi has gone missing. Janet did not see Nomi again after her escape and continued to live her life with her daughter Teagan.


Season One Edit

Season Two Edit

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