I Have No Room In My Heart For Hate is the sixth regular episodes of Sense8 Season Two.


Will asks an old friend for help as Riley embarks on a risky journey. Kala makes a troubling discovery. Sun has an intense encounter in the cemetery.

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Plot Edit

Riley, Will, and Nomi

Will is unhappy with Riley's decision to fly to Chicago. Nomi comforts him over the decision and assures them that she's keeping an eye onb the TSA.


Kala interrupts a meeting between Rajan and Ajay to inform the former that the shipping reports have been falsified. However, Rajan isn't surprised as it has always been in practice, much to Kala's disapproval.


Capheus decided to pay a visit to KDRP.


RIley wakes up to a woman showing her a news report regarding a shooting in New York City. They have a discussion about how changing the world only bring suffering and the only thing people should change is themselves. Riley realises that the woman is 'visiting' but is unable to see where she is.


Amanita's parents chat about the shooting and other topics.

Lito and Wolfgang

Lito and co. are confronted by Joaquin and a moment later, Daniela's parents who are disappointed by her association with these men. When Joaquin threatens Lito, Wolfgang visits and reminds him about the last time they fought. Daniela reaffirms her wish to continue staying with Lito and Hernando.

Will and Nomi

Nomi, Amanita and her family are dancing in the kitchen. Will asks Nomi if there is a Plan B should the ID fail but she assures him that it's the best that she has ever done.

Riley and Will

Riley arrives at Chicago and is welcomed by Diego.


Capheus and Zakia visit a school where his mum teaches. They break the news that Capheus is standing for the election.

Kala and Sun

Kala and Sun talk about the unpredictability of the future when Rajan pays her a visit.

Riley and Will

Riley explains their predicament to Diego, who is evidently frustrated by Will's disappearance and secrecy. Will calls Diego to explain why he had to do what he did.


Rajan concedes to the immorality of the company's actions and promises Kala that he will carry out reforms.


Shiro is initially against Capheus' decision but relents.


Sun visits her parents' graves and tells them how she has lost her sense of belonging. The other sensates comfort her.


Lito find out from his agent that he has been fired as certain high-level clients disagreed with his 'lifestyle' and made the company choose between them and him.

Riley and Will

Riley and Will reminisce about a spot where they kissed a year ago.

Riley and Will
Will, Wolfgang, and Sun



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Notes and TriviaEdit

  • This episode runs for 61 minutes and 24 seconds.
  • The title originates from Capheus' mother's reply to the question if she hates the men who killed her husband.


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Memorable Quotes Edit

"I don't think anyone knows what life they will live. That's what makes life feel alive."
--Capheus Onyango
"I know feelings and emotions can overwhelm our logic, and at the same time, logic can ruin the emotions that make life worth living."
--Capheus Onyango