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I Can't Leave Her is the twelfth and final episode in season 1 of Sense8. It was released on Netflix June 5, 2015.


With Riley in the hands of Whispers, all of the Sensates' skills are needed to give them any chance at survival.

Plot Edit

Wolfgang and Kala (in Berlin) Edit

Wolfgang is at his uncle Sergey's house, surrounded by several armed men. Sergey is suspicious because he can't reach Steiner. Sergey asks Wolfgang where is Steiner, and Wolfgang suggests that he can see him shortly. Sergey asks "What?", just as one of the guards discovers a hidden pistol in Wolfgang's jacket. Wolfgang grabs his pistol, shooting several of the men dead before diving for cover. One of the bullets catches Sergey in the chest.

There is a moment of quiet. Will appears and tells Wolfgang to be careful, because he heard that some of the bullets struck kevlar. Sergey rises to his feet and Wolfgang dives for cover. More men arrive and Wolfgang retreats up the stairs.

Wolfgang barricades himself inside a kitchen. He visits Kala and tells her that this might be goodbye. Kala joins him in the kitchen. She grabs several chemicals from under the sink, and wraps them together to form a bomb. They kiss, and Wolfgang ignites the bomb, throwing it over the barricade. It explodes, killing the men.

Wolfgang returns to find Sergey in his chair, out of ammo. Sergey asks why Wolfgang would kill his own family. Wolfgang says he will tell Sergey who killed his brother Anton. Wolfgang has a flashback, where child Wolfgang sneaks up on his father Anton in an alleyway, and strangles him with a wire. Child Wolfgang then plants the body in a car and ignites it. In the present, Wolfgang says that his father was a monster, and so is he. He then gets a crazy look in his face, and shoots Sergey several times point blank. He looks over and Kala is watching, horrified. He tells Kala, "that's why you have to marry Rajan."

Will (flashback) Edit

Will remembers looking out the window at the snow fall. A therapist is talking to him about snow. The therapist brings up "savior behavior", where one person feels the need to save others. The therapist tells Will to be honest, and asks if he still sees the ghost of Sara. Will stares at her vision in the window as she gestures "Shh" to him, and he answers, "No."

Will, Riley and ensemble (in Iceland) Edit

Will wakes up as his plane lands in Iceland. At the same time, Riley is being transported in a BPO hospital van. She is in a trance-like state as she has flashbacks of her last drive with Magnus. In the flashback, she is having contractions while Magnus speeds across a snow-covered road. Magnus loses control of the car and it goes off the road, rolling several times down the steep hill. Back in the BPO van, Magnus appears to Riley and asks her to come with him.

The flashback continues. Riley finds herself in an upside-down car, hanging from a seatbelt. Magnus is dead from a head injury. Riley's water breaks and she starts pushing. Baby Luna emerges and Riley comforts her. She grabs a knife to cut the umbilical cord, and tells her that help is coming.

As Will walks through the airport, Nomi appears and shares that she found BPO's location, a research facility up the coast. She has also found a flight plan listing a single passenger due to arrive, named "Dr. Ellison", whom they guess is Whispers. Will finds a rental car waiting outside, a fancy red porche, obtained by Amanita and Nomi.

Riley's flashback continues. She cradles Luna and punches her way through the car's glass window. She begins walking across the snow-covered mountainside, singing her childhood song. She wanders until the sun sets, and then tearfully apologizes to Luna. She lays down on the snow.

At BPO, Riley is transferred by gurney out of the van. Yrsa appears and tells Riley that this is her last chance to protect her cluster. Riley grabs the gun of one of the men, firing off a shot into a wall. All the sensates appear around Riley. Riley imagines that she is Angelica, taking her life in the church. Will appears and tells her not to do it. Riley lowers the gun, and is tackled by guards. One of them injects her, and she falls unconscious.

Jonas, in the car with Will, says that it's lucky that Riley is unconscious, because she'll be immune to Whispers.

Will races along the Icelandic road. He sees Whispers' helicopter pass overhead. Nomi comes up with a new plan. She tells Will to stop the car, and cut the oil line, so the wrecked car will create a distraction.

Will arrives at the facility and, as expected, the men are all fixated by the site of a beautiful sports car engulfed in smoke. Will walks in and, thanks to Nomi's hacking, uses his phone to pass through the security gate.

Whispers is standing over Riley, asking her to open her eyes. The nurse informs Whispers that she can't be woken up yet, and Whispers storms off.

Will wanders the facility, wondering how they will find Riley's room. Lito appears, grabs a doctor's coat and commiserates with another doctor. After a bit of flattery, he nonchalantly asks, "Oh, which room is she in?"

Jonas appears with a plan for getting them out of the hospital. He says that someone in the facility is on their side, and is now pretending to have a heart attack, so there will be an ambulance that they can use. At the same time, Whispers is standing over Jonas in the torture chair. Jonas tells Whispers that Will is sneaking around the facility.

Will finds Riley's floor, and sees four guards waiting. Sun takes the lead, saying, "They will need more men," before taking them out.

Will finds Riley. As he touches her, they experience a strong psychic connection, momentarily trading places. They flashback to all the moments of their relationship. Will momentarily imagines that Riley is Sara Patrell and he's saving her from the lobotomy. Will carries Riley into another room.

They realize that they need Riley conscious. Kala appears and puts together a drug cocktail from the supplies in the room. Will injects Riley and she jumps awake.

Whispers administers electro-shock torture to Jonas. Whispers reads the mind of a weakened Jonas to learn that the sensates are planning to escape with the ambulance.

Will and Riley escape down an elevator. Whispers pursues, saying that he wants the subjects alive. As the glass-door elevator descends past Whispers' floor, Will happens to make eye contact with Whispers.

They reach the basement and enter the ambulance. Will searches in vain for keys. Capheus appears and hot-wires the van. They pull out. Whispers enters a helicopter and begins pursuit. Whispers visits Will and tells him that he can now see and hear anything that Will sees and hears. Riley looks at Will and realizes that he is afraid.

Amanita and Nomi are studying a map, realizing that they can evade the helicopter by driving up the mountain into the fog. Whispers' chopper flies in front, blocking the road. Whispers continues to visit Will, saying that he knows Will doesn't have the gall to risk all their lives. Will says, "I know someone who does." Wolfgang takes over for Will, fearlessly driving the ambulance down the road. At the last moment, Whispers' pilot pulls up, and the van escapes past them into the fog.

Riley begs Will not to drive down the route. She experiences flashbacks of the last time she was on this same road, the night that Magnus lost control of their car and crashed. Will begins experiencing Riley's flashback too. They relive the crash. Suddenly Nomi finds that she's unable to reach either Riley or Will.

Riley exits the van and runs up the mountain, continuing to have flashbacks to Luna's death. Will follows. Jonas and Angelica appear to Will and tell him that he is running out of time. They suggest that suicide is the only way to protect them. Riley says that she was supposed to die at that spot. Will takes out his gun, but then throws it away. He runs to the van and digs through the medicine supply. He injects himself and then visits Riley to explain. He tells Riley that Whispers is in his head, and that he'll soon be unconscious from the drugs. Will tells Riley that their only chance is for Riley to take them away. Riley resists, hating the idea of leaving Luna behind again. Will tells Riley that he loves her. They kiss. Will passes out.

Will regains consciousness on a boat, with Riley singing and Sven piloting. Riley reaches over and injects Will with another dose. Will says that she is saved them all. Riley kisses him as he passes out again.

As the camera pans out. all eight sensates appear on the boat as it sails into the open ocean.

Memorable QuotesEdit

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"Is that all?" - Sun, confronting the security guards at BPO

"You did it. You saved us." - Will to Riley (last line in Season 1)

"Do I know you?" -Will to Lito. "Yes. We had sex." -Lito


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Trivia Edit

  • The chopper used during this episode was real, not CGI.[1]

References Edit


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