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I Am Also A We is the second episode in season 1 of Sense8. It was released on Netflix June 5, 2015.


Nomi's fortunes take a dark turn, while the rest of the Sensates' connections become stronger and more dangerous.

Plot Edit

Nomi Edit

Nomi and Amanita discuss Nomi's vision of Angelica, as well as Nomi's past as a hacktivist. Amanita recommends that Nomi write about the experience. Nomi updates her video blog, talking about how she used to be afraid of who she was. She says that her mom's favorite saint was Saint Thomas Aquinas. She declares that she is marching for the part of herself that was too afraid to march, and to remember that she is not just a "me", but also a "we". Then she tells Saint Thomas Aquinas to go fuck himself.

Later, Nomi is celebrating in Pride Parade, riding on a motorcycle along with Dykes on Bikes. She sees Jonas in the crowd and experiences a flashback to Angelica's suicide, causing her to pass out and fall on the pavement.

Nomi wakes up in the hospital to find her mother and sister standing bedside. Her mother insists on referring to Nomi as "Michael" despite her objection. Dr. Metzger arrives with an MRI image, showing that Nomi's brain has "Undifferentiated Frontal Lobe Syndrome", which he describes as "increased growth that connects the two hemispheres of her brain". He says that he will need to operate. He also says that if the condition is left untreated, she will experience hallucinations and a loss of identity, and will die within six months.

Later, Nomi tries to leave her room but a nurse informs her that she can not. Jonas visits Nomi and tells her that Metzger is planning to do a lobotomy, and that she needs to escape as soon as possible.

Amanita reaches Nomi by telephone and says that Nomi has been guarded by heavy security. Amanita says that she will burn the building down before she lets anything happen to her. Nomi mentions that she thinks she has been hallucinating Jonas. Amanita looks at Nomi's phone and finds a picture of Jonas, confirming that he's real.

Sun Edit

As Nomi updates her video blog, Sun is seen sitting down holding a red folder, contemplating.

Will Edit

Will visits with the gang kid in the hospital, and talks about how his father was shot, ending his career. Will has a flashback to being caught shoplifting. In the flashback, Will picks the lock on his handcuffs and runs off.

In another scene, Will wakes up his father, who is asleep with his pants off at a bar.

At the Chicago P.D., Will tries to find camera footage of the church where Angelica committed suicide, but finds that the section of the tape has been erased. His partner becomes interested when seeing that the tape has been tampered with. They spot a possible witness in the existing camera footage.

Will attends a meeting where a federal agent presents details on a wanted terrorist - Jonas Maliki. Will recognizes Jones but he doesn't know how.

Will meets his dad at the bar, and says that weird stuff is happening, and that he thinks it's related to Sara Patrell. Will's father tells him not to bring up Sara again, because he'll be taken off the force for psychiatric evaluation.

Will comes in to a convenience store and asks for something that will help him sleep. Jonas enters the store and introduces himself. Jonas tells Will about Angelica, the woman who gave birth to him. Jonas tells Will about some of the things he'll experience as a sensate. Jonas says he needs to catch a plan in an hour, and that there's a girl Nomi who needs Will's help, just like Sara needed his help. Will tries to restrain Jonas but Jonas quickly dispatches him. The two engage in a car chase. During the chase, Jonas visits with Will and vice versa. Jonas asks Will not to pursue him. The car chase ends with Will's car T-boning Jonas', knocking him unconscious.

Wolfgang Edit

Wolfgang and Felix celebrate their successful robbery. Later Wolfgang is seen having sex with an Indian girl, Anja, and the experience causes Kala to complain that it is too hot. Wolfgang relaxes post-sex, and says that he has a craving for Indian food. Wolfgang and his girl have dinner at an Indian restaurant, where Wolfgang says that he isn't looking for a relationship. Wolfgang and Kala see visions of each other.

Capheus Edit

Capheus is seen lying on the roof of his bus, when he experiences a vision of Dolores Park in San Francisco.

Riley Edit

Riley is wandering the streets of London, singing her childhood song. Blood spatter is still on her face. She shares the moment with a hospitalized Nomi, though they do not talk.

She returns to her apartment and starts to clean up. In the bathroom, Will and Riley see each other in the mirror.

Riley is packing her bag when a stranger breaks in to her apartment. She escapes the apartment with the bag full of drugs and money.

Lito Edit

Lito arrives at the premiere of his latest movie, alongside Daniela. A reporter asks if they are an item, he says that they are friends, and Dany corrects him, "good friends".

That night, Dani and Lito are walking home and flirting heavily. Dani invites Lito to her apartment, but he refuses. Lito arrives home and wakes up his lover, Hernando. Dani shows up at Lito's apartment and demands to come in. Lito tries and fails to convince Dani to go back home. She comes in and attempts to seduce Lito. She sees Hernando in the bed, and is excited to discover their secret. She declares that she will stay with them and help deflect the rumors for Lito.

Kala Edit

Kala and Rajan are at an engagement party with their friends and family. Rajan gives a speech where he reminisces on their relationship. As a surprise, Rajan and his groomsmen perform a choreographed dance for Kala. Kala's friends and father talk about how great Rajan is, and discuss plans for the wedding. During the party, Kala experiences fleeting visions of Wolfgang.

Sensate Interactions Edit

  • Nomi shares with Capheus a vision of Dolores Park in San Francisco, as he gets up from lying on the roof of his bus.
  • As Riley is wandering the streets of London, she and a hospitalized Nomi visit each other, singing her childhood song.
  • Wolfgang and Kala have various instances of interaction between one another.
    • Kala gets hot and bothered at her wedding banquet as Wolfgang is having sex in Berlin.
    • Wolfgang begins to crave Indian food during Kala's wedding banquet.
    • While having dinner with a one night stand, Wolfgang and Kala briefly "visit" and see each other.
  • Riley and Will briefly see each other in their bathroom mirrors.
  • Nomi, locked in her hospital room, hears the knocking on Riley's apartment door when one of Nyx's men comes looking for her.

Cast Edit

  • The random girl that Wolfgang has sex with is listed as Anja in the credits. She is played by German actress Amy Mußul.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"The problem is, honey, that you don't have a cock." - Hernando, to Dani

"My god, I'm losing my mind." "No - it's just expanding." - Will and Jonas

"The connection flows both ways. Which raises the question: if you're here, who's driving back there?" - Jonas


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