This is a glossary, a place on this wiki for definitions that are too short to need their own page.

Jaluo Edit

A male member (female counterpart Nyaluo) of the Luo tribe of Kenya and Tanzania. They form the third-largest ethnic group in Kenya after the Gikuyu and Luhya. Capheus' father is Luo, who are in cahoots with his wife Shiro's tribe, leading her to move to Nairobi with her two children after a discussion in her home village on kicking Capheus out.

Papa-ji Edit

A Hindi term meaning father and denoting respect. A younger person may call an older or more senior person "ji" to show respect. Kala Dandekar addresses Manendra Rasal in this manner throughout the show.

Undifferentiated Frontal Lobe SyndromeEdit

A fake serious medical condition that is treated by a lobotomy. It seems likely that Dr. Metzger has made up this condition so that he can legally detain Nomi Marks in the hospital.

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