Githu is a reccuring character of seasons one and two of Sense8. He is the leader of the Superpower gang in Nairobi, and enemies with Silas Kabaka. Githu and Capheus become enemies.

Biography Edit

While it is not disclosed whether or not he was hired before or after leading the Superpower Gang, Githu once made a deal with Silas Kabaka. When he tries to disband, his sister was murdered. As an act of revenge, he became part of the Superpower Gang and have made several attempts to go after Kabaka.

History Edit

Season One Edit

Githu and Capheus initially cross paths when Githu's gang robs Capheus's bus. Githu takes Capheus' AIDS medicine, and drives off. Capheus fights back against members of the gang, earning the reputation of "Van Damme", and the favor of Silas. Later, Githu's gang robs Capheus of a backpack, and Capheus gets it back.

Githu and his gang members come to the house of Capheus, demanding that he hand over Amondi to them. Githu reveals that Silas had murdered Githu's sister, and that Githu only wants revenge. Capheus refuses, and drives alone to the Superpower headquarters to face them. There, Githu has Silas as a prisoner and demands that Capheus put him down. Capheus instead fights back against the gang, killing many of them, and rescuing Silas.

Capheus and Githu engage in a street duel. Githu is defeated when the Van Damn (the matatu) delivers a massive kick to Githu, knocking him off his bike.

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Season Two Edit

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