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Demons is the sixth episode in season one of Sense8. It was released on Netflix on June 5, 2015.


While the Sensates bond grows stronger, Nomi takes a bold move to gain her freedom and Sun makes a choice she might someday regret.

Plot Edit

Riley and Will Edit

Riley sits in a pub drinking a beer. Will walks across a bar that is filled with fellow cops. They sit and share a beer together, simultaneously in both bars. They talk about each other's lives and their locations. Riley asks, "Are we going crazy?" Will asks for Riley's phone and dials his own phone number into it. Riley presses send, and it rings. Will brings his phone over to Diego and asks him to answer it. Diego says that a girl with a funny accent is on the line. They talk into the phone and hear a time-delayed echo. Will says that they aren't going crazy. They talk about other visitors, and remember Jonas and Angelica. Riley says good night.

Riley arrives home to find Nyx with Shuggs and Bambie Nyx has a large bandage over a wound on his face. Nyx tells the others to leave. Nyx demands that Riley tell him where the money and drugs are. Riley says that she gave them away, but Nyx doesn't believe her. Nyx's buddy forces Riley down on a table, and Nyx puts a plastic bag over her head, strangling her.

At the bar in Chicago, Will suddenly feels that he can't breathe. He finds himself on the table with a bag over his head. He fights back, simlutaneously overpowering Nyx and his buddy, while beating up the Chicago cops that attempt to help him. Riley runs out of the apartment and Will sits on the ground recovering, with a stunned crowd looking at him.

Days later, Diego tells Will that people are starting to talk about Will's behavior. Will asks Diego if he thinks that Will is crazy. Diego says yes, but that he likes crazy.

Sun Edit

Sun does a slow march across the lobby. She glimpses a brief vision of Nomi. She approaches a podium in front of a large group of reporters, and claims full responsibility for the embezzlement. She is escorted away by police.

Later, Sun appears at a bail hearing. The prosecution argues that bail should be denied, because the large amount of stolen assets have not yet been accounted for. The judge agrees and denies her bail.

Nomi Edit

Nomi and Amanita clean up the mess in their apartment. Nomi notices that many of her personal items were stolen. Nomi realizes that they won't stop harassing her, unless she stops them.

Nomi and Amanita arrive by taxi at the house of Amanita's mother, still in San Francisco.

Over breakfast, Amanita's mother suggests that, just like evolution thrives from diversity, Nomi benefits from connecting to people different from her. Nomi wonders if her condition will worsen and whether she will be able to control it.

Kala and Wolfgang Edit

Kala wakes up to find her family hovering over, watching her. She says that she is fine. Once alone, she begins to get dressed and sees that naked Wolfgang is in her bed. Kala tells him that he ruined her wedding, but Wolfgang insists that she wanted him to be there. Wolfgang says he is attracted to her and that he can feel her attraction for him. Kala declares him to be a demon.

Kala comes downstairs to talk with Rajan. Kala says that Rajan probably hates her, but Rajan says that the ruined wedding was a good thing, because it will be a great story to tell their kids. He insists that they still get married.

Lito Edit

Lito, Hernando and Dani are watching a Lucha Libre match. Hernando analyzes the artistic significance of the match, and says it is a reflection of the struggle in our minds. Lito sees a scary masked guy in the aisles, watching him.

Capheus Edit

Capheus meets with Silas at a nice golf course. Silas tells Capheus that his daughter is the most important thing to him. Silas gives Capheus his real assignment: to escort his daughter to a medical center to receive treatment for leukemia. Silas' enemies will not expect that her daughter will be in a run-down bus.

Capheus returns to the Van Damn. He says that all passengers must leave because the van has been chartered for private use. His friend objects to doing business with Silas, but Capheus presses him to take his share of the money.

Capheus picks up Silas' daughter, who says that she has a secret identity. They drive to the medical center.

Lito and Sun Edit

Sun is being processed as a prisoner. Her clothing is removed and she answers a series of personal questions. Lito is being interviewed by a T.V. reporter on the set of his movie. Lito and Sun switch places sporadically, and are confused by the other interviewer's questions. Sun's interviewer brings out a mirror on a long pole to look at her privates. Lito says that he will not let him do that. Lito's interviewer is confused by his answer, and Lito gracefully recovers and delivers an eloquent answer about love.

Nomi, Will, Lito and Wolfgang - "The Orgy" Edit

Nomi and Amanita wake up in Amanita's childhood room. They begin to make love as the song "Demons" begins to play in the background..

Will is at a gym, lifting weights with his partner Diego. Lito is on his patio, lifting weights with Hernando.

Lito performs a sexy dance for Hernando, as Dani watches. Naked Wolfgang relaxes in a hot tub. He sees a vision of naked Kala, and he relaxes and closes his eyes. Lito and Hernando begin to kiss and embrace. Will lifts weights and has visions of Lito embracing him. Dani secretly uses her phone to photograph Lito and Hernando, before beginning to finger herself.

Naked Nomi is on top of naked Amanita and Nomi delivers the same line that Lito says to Hernando. Nomi makes out with Hernando and Lito makes out with Amanita.

Will continues doing sit-ups while making love to Nomi and Lito. Wolfgang sits eyes-closed in his hot tub while Will, Nomi and Lito make love to him. Will, Nomi, Wolfgang and Lito also make love to Hernando and Amanita. It's very special. Finally they all climax. Lito calls it one of the best orgasms of his life. Wolfgang remains still in the tub, never having moved.

Capheus is sitting in his van watching a Van Damme movie, and is confused to find himself aroused.

Sun and Riley Edit

Sun is sitting in prison. Riley is crying at her lookout spot. They visit each other and introduce themselves. Sun asks what Riley is smoking. Sun tries smoking some of her hash, and Riley exhales the smoke. Sun says she can taste it, but it's like a memory. Sun says that she may have made the biggest mistake of her life. Riley talks about her encounter with Nyx, and Sun observes that they are both in trouble for someone else's crime.

Riley tells Sun about the "hidden people" of Iceland. Riley says that she once went into a cave and heard one of them singing a song. She heard the voice several times in her life. Riley says that the voice told her she was hexed, and that if she stayed in Iceland, bad things would happen. Riley and Sun both blame themselves for their mother's death.

Sun Edit

Sun has a flashback to a field where she sees her mother, who also briefly appears to be Angelica. Her mother talks to her and tells her to be careful. She says that "they" will hurt Sun if they find out what she is. Sun asks, "What am I?" Angelica takes her mother's place, and says, "The future."

Memorable QuotesEdit

"It’s not the drugs that make a drug addict, it’s the need to escape reality." - Riley

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The psychic intercontinental orgy was filmed during Miguel Ángel Silvestre's first day.[1]
  • When asked why only certain sensates participated in the orgy, J. Michael Straczynski clarified by saying, "Scene was about the eroticism of sex and exercise; the others weren't. And 9 am SF is 1 am Seoul, so Sun was asleep. Though Capheus did get a bit of a ripple effect watching the movie, he wasn't engaged in exercise so wasn't pulled in." [2]


References Edit


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