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Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye is the ninth episode in season 1 of Sense8. It was released on Netflix June 5, 2015.


Riley learns about her new life and its dangers, Kala deals with the aftermath of the attack on Rajan’s father, and Lito's world spins out of control.

Plot Edit

Riley and Will Edit

Riley walks along the Icelandic coast, singing her childhood song, retracing the steps that she once took as a child. She enters a cave. She finds Yrsa there, singing the same song. Riley realizes, "You're not one of the hidden people, are you?" Riley visits Yrsa at her apartment and realizes that Yrsa is a fellow sensate. Yrsa serves coffee and they talk.

Will has a childhood flashback. In the flashback he is spying on Whispers, who is operating on a child. Whispers leaves the room and Will inspects the body, and sees that it is Sara Patrell. Sara tells him not to look at Whispers, saying, "That's how he got me." Whispers returns and chases child Will, who narrowly escapes.

In the present, Will suddenly awakes from the dream. He gets a beer from the fridge, and suddenly sees Jonas, visiting. Jonas is visibly shaken and is wearing a hospital mock. Will vists Jonas' location, a high-technology medical lab. Jonas is strapped to a chair and has electrodes connected to his forehead. Jonas says, "I've been unconscious so long that I could be anywhere." Will apologizes for getting Jonas into the situation.

Yrsa explains why she lied to Riley. Yrsa talks about the BPO, which runs a DNA census in order to hunt down potential sensates. Yrsa worked inside the BPO and tried to protect as many potential sensates from them as she could. Riley was one of those sensates. Riley was brought to a BPO lab by her mother, who wanted to know if Riley had the same genetic disease that her mother did. Yrsa saved Riley and told her she was "hexed", so that she would leave Iceland. In the present, Riley is angry that Yrsa made Riley blame herself for the death of her mother, as well as the accident in the mountains. Yrsa points out that she was one that called the rescue authorities when Riley was stranded in the mountains.

They finish talking and Yrsa says that she will need to go on the run. Yrsa takes a pistol out of an old box and packs it in her bag. Yrsa says that Riley may be captured, and if so, BPO will be able to trace the connection back to Yrsa. She says that all it would take is one slip for Riley to end up in a hospital, and then be arrested. Yrsa says that BPO has techniques for tracing the psycellium connection, so that once they have one sensate, they can find the connected sensates.

Will appears, saying that he knows all about BPO. Will, Riley, Jonas and Yrsa have a four-way conversation, although Jonas cannot see Riley and Yrsa, and Yrsa cannot see Jonas and Will. Both Jonas and Yrsa observe how Will and Riley have strong feelings for each other. Jonas remembers how he loved Angelica at first sight, and that Angelica believes "a sensate experiences love in its purest form." Yrsa says that love in a cluster is pathological and narcissistic. Yrsa tells Riley to ask Will his birthday, and they discover that Will and Riley have the same birthday, August 8th. Jonas says that all members of a cluster are born at the same moment.

Riley mentions Jonas and Yrsa becomes immediately frightened on hearing the name. Yrsa interrupts the connection between Will and Riley. Jonas tells Will that he needs to get Riley out of Iceland, because BPO operates a genetic research facility there.

Yrsa tells Riley that she needs to avoid Jonas. Yrsa says that Jonas and Angelica once worked for BPO and Whispers, where they would birth clusters just so that the new sensates could be hunted down. Yrsa says that she is in danger because Will is connected to Jonas.

Lito and Nomi Edit

Lito is at a bar, depressed and drinking martinis. The bartender eyes him. The bartender recognizes him from a movie where he had an evil twin. He talks about having a secret self. He propositions Lito to go into the back room with him. Lito angrily rejects, saying that he's not a faggot.

Lito visits a museum, looking at Hernando's favorite piece of artwork. He has flashbacks of his first date with Hernando. Hernando says, "Love is like art."

Nomi is back in her apartment, cleaning the mess. Nomi visits Lito at the museum. She talks about how she was almost killed. Lito tells Nomi about the Diego de Riviera museum. Lito talks about his breakup with Hernando. Lito says that he is a coward.

Lito recounts how he used to listen to Hernando talk about art for hours. He has a flashback to their first kiss in the museum bathroom, where Lito also performed fellatio on him.

Nomi relates to the power of a kiss. She says there's a difference between what we work for, and what we live for. Nomi tells the story of her father forcing her to join the swim club when she was eight. She wasn't comfortable with her body, and showered with her clothes on. One day the other boys ganged up on her, and held her in front of burning hot shower water, giving her permanent scars. Lito reacts angrily to the flashback. She says that the moment made her "the woman that she is," when she decided that she didn't want to be one of the boys.

Wolfgang Edit

Wolfgang sits over Felix in the hospital. Wolfgang's uncle comes in, and talks about Wolfgang's father. His uncle says that when Wolfgang's father was killed, he only wanted revenge. He tells Wolfgang that he must realize that his theft was a mistake, and can go no further.

Kala Edit

Kala and her family are at the police office. Kala is giving her statement on Papa-ji's attack. They ask what Kala and Papa-ji were talking about during the attack, and she does not fully answer.

Kala visits with Papa-ji and Rajan's mother at the hospital. Rajan's mother says that Papa-ji does not normally let her pray, and she asks Kala to pray with her.

Sun Edit

In prison, Sun's father visits her. He has not slept since the arrest. He says that his wealth is meaningless without his daughter, and he plans to tell the truth.

Riley and Capheus Edit

Sven and Riley pull up to a graveyard by the sea. Riley visits the graves of Magnus and Luna, her deceased husband and child. She apologizes to the graves for not seeing them sooner. She has a flashback of Magnus riding a horse indoors, to pick up Riley from school. In the flashback, Riley has straight brown hair. At the grave, Riley says "that me is here with you."

In Nairobi, Capheus enters his bus, and sees Riley in the back seat. Capheus says that he has been wishing that this day would never come. At the Iceland graves, Riley says that she never went to the funeral. Capheus asked if she said goodbye, and she answers, "death doesn't let you say goodbye".

Capheus tells the story of his sister. Capheus' mother and him are walking around the jungle with the newborn sister. He says that they didn't have any food. They hand over the baby to a local children's home. He says it was the hardest thing he's ever done. Capheus says that life and death are mixed, and that some endings are beginnings.

Nomi Edit

At her apartment, Nomi hears someone opening the door. Nomi grabs a knife but sees that it is just Amanita. She cries and they hug. They relax in bed and wear cookies as if they are rings. Amanita asks if they are safe in the apartment, and Nomi says that she used Will's badge number to file a police report saying that Nomi was seen on a flight to Australia.

Lito Edit

Lito is back in his apartment, moping. It is near sunset. He eats icecream and stands by the patio ledge. He repeatedly calls Hernando's phone but only reaches his voicemail. He gets drunk on blended drinks. This continues until nightfall, with Lito getting more distraught and desperate. He moves from depression into acceptance, saying that he let Hernando down, and he let Dani down. Lito tells Hernando's voicemail that he has many voices in his head, but Hernando's is the only one he can't live without. The call ends abruptly, as Hernando's mailbox is full.

Lito places a gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger. A small flame appears, as it's only a lighter made to look like a gun. He says that everything in his life is a fake, and all that he knows how to do is a lie.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"The real violence, the violence that I realize is unforgivable, is the violence we do to ourselves." - Nomi

"Death doesn't let you say goodbye" - Riley


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