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Daniela Velázquez, the daughter of an affluent Mexico City family, is an actress who lusted after Lito Rodriguez, but later becomes a beard for Lito and his boyfriend. She also enjoys watching them have sex, and make out.


Before knowing of Lito's sexual orientation, Daniela was shown to have worked with him before. Lito also chose her as a 'beard', and attended events as 'good friends'. After realizing Joaquin is an obsessive, abusive suitor, Daniela had sex with his best friend and wanted to sleep at Lito's after the award show. With a reluctant Lito opening the door and rejecting her sexual advances, she ran amok and found Hernando upstairs. She, however, reacted positively, saying that 'she loves gay porn' and decided to act as Lito's cover in public, as he is afraid that the truth about his sexual orientation would end his film career. In return, she was allowed to stay in Lito and Hernando's house to escape from Joaquin[1].

Dani is close friends with Lito and Hernando.
She is the ex-girlfriend of her abuser Joaquin Flores, who is obsessed with her. He begins stalking her and behaving violently, toward her, as well as Lito, who he believes is her new boyfriend.

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  1. I Am Also A We

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