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The August 8 Cluster

Clusters, are groups of sensates. They can be as small as 2 or 3 or as big as 10 to 12. The cluster at the heart of Sense8 has 8 members. Members of a cluster are born on the same day, and it is implied that they are also born at the same time.

A cluster has to be "reborn" by a sensate activating their innate connection to each other. A cluster's parent can be male like the unnamed father of Jonas's cluster or female like the mother of the 8/8 cluster Angelica Turing. Their sensate parent is the only person who mentally contact the cluster without being part of the cluster itself. This is limited, however, as Jonas has stated outsider sensates of a cluster can only visit and not share. Sensates who are neither a member of the cluster nor the parent can visit once making eye contact with them.

Once established, the bond between sensates builds up over time, to the point where members of the cluster can share and visit each other easily and understand each other despite speaking in different languages.[1] While sensates can visit each other, regardless of whether or not they are in the same cluster, after making eye contact, only sensates in the same cluster can share skills, languages, and knowledge. Sensates speak in their head if they visit another sensate but appear to be talking to nothing if they are visited, as shown when Diego walked in on Will Gorski apparently kissing the air while Riley Blue visited him.

It is shown throughout that clusters are very important and precious. Angelica committed suicide just to protect the cluster she had just birthed, and later re-appeared to will in I Can't Leave Her along with Jonas pressuring Will to commit suicide to protect the location of the other six members of his cluster. Yrsa also appeared to Riley and told her that she needed to 'protect them', meaning the rest of the cluster.

Known clusters Edit

  • August 8 cluster. All eight sensates have been revealed and are the main characters of the show.
  • Angelica and Jonas' cluster. No revealed information on other members.
  • Whispers' cluster. No revealed information on other members.
  • Yrsa's cluster. Yrsa mentions at least one of their members is dead.

References Edit


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