Carol Cumberland is a recurring character in the Season Two of Sense8. Carol works at BPO as an assistant. She was contacted through the Archipelago to help Riley fight against BPO.

Biography Edit

Carol reveals to Riley that she worked alongside Angelica in BPO a long time ago. She tells her that Angelica wanted to find her children of her firstborn cluster. When they find Raoul, Carol hid them in her basement.

She also told Angelica about the church that Carol once sung at when she was a girl. It is there that Angelica tries to hide and ultimately commit suicide to protect the Aug. 8 cluster.

History Edit

Season Two Edit

Polyphony Edit

Mr. Hoy tells Riley to head for the old church where Angelica commited suicide. Diego transport her there; Riley travels down a flight of stairs and sees a dusty table with cup of water and one blocker. After Riley ingests the blocker, Carol (in person) reveals herself and unloads the answers that Riley sought out on Whispers.

What Family Actually Means Edit

Riley searches for the woman she spoke to days ago. Through missing person's reports, it is revealed that she was Carol Cumberland. With Will guiding her, she and Diego break and enter her empty home, searching the basement to find the "mad scientist's lab" and a secret hiding place that once housed Raoul Pasquale.

Riley and Diego venture upstair and find the body of Carol Cumberland submerged under cold, bloody water. In a vision, Riley sees that Jonas witnesses Carol's suicide.

Gallery Edit

Memorable Quotes Edit

"You know what Angelica calls him? She said that the voice in your head that tells you to cut yourself or to take some pills, she said that voice never shouts; it only whispers." - Carol, on Whispers

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