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Art Is Like Religion is the fifth episode in season 1 of Sense8. It was released on Netflix June 5, 2015.


The Sensates struggle with intensifying connections, which results in some interesting days on set for Lito and a wedding day surprise for Kala.

Plot Edit

Lito and Sun Edit

Lito is getting makeup applied. Sun wakes up in pain. Lito complains that he feels bloated. Sun uses a tampon. Lito asks his assistant for advil. The two see each other in the mirror, in disbelief.

Lito is on set talking with the director. Lito thinks that his character can feel the sadness of the events, but the director tells him his character is full of fire. During the shoot, Lito begins to cry, because he is struck by the actress's beauty. His director tells him to lighten up.

Later in traffic, Lito complains of his pain and sadness to Hernando on the phone. A driver flips him off and he yells at the driver, calling him a villain with a villain mustache.

Sun tells Lito to stop screaming. Lito notices that he is in a park in Korea, while Sun appears in his car in traffic. He tells Hernando that he is going crazy, and there is a crying Korean woman in his car. Sun says that she is not crying. Lito rear-ends the car in front of him.

Back on set, Lito continues to ask the director questions about the script. The director tells him to forget the script, and that he wants chaos.

Will Edit

Will is chewed out by his boss for attempting to use favors to meet with Jonas. He apologizes.

Later, Will makes a call to Janet Marks asking about her daughter, Nomi. They talk about Nomi's criminal record. Janet begins ranting about "Michael's" poor decisions with crime and taking hormone therapy. Will and Nomi switch places so that Nomi is able to hear her mother. Will corrects Janet, saying that her name is Nomi.

Will's partner gets a lead on the witness they saw outside the museum. They head out.

Nomi Edit

Amanita walks over to Nomi, sitting on the bench. She is still reacting to hearing her mother on the phone. Nomi is struggling with coming to terms with the impossible things that are happening to her. Amanita recounts their first kiss and tells her that impossibility is just a kiss away from reality.

Nomi then says that her coffee suddenly tastes like a sugary desert, reacting to the shahi tukda that Kala had just tasted. She wonders if Dr. Metzger was right about the hallucinations.

Two friends meet with Nomi and Amanita, and let them know that their apartment is still under heavy surveillance by cops and unmarked cars. Their friends say that it would be safe to use the back entrance (of their apartment).

Wolfgang Edit

Wolfgang meets with his uncle Sergei at his home, who says that he has a problem. Sergei says that Steiner is furious that someone stole the diamonds before him. He says that it is interesting that someone was able to crack an S&T safe, the same safe that defeated Wolfgang's father. Wolfgang says he is not as stupid as his father.

Later, Wolfgang and Felix are at a bar, laughing at Steiner. Wolfgang expresses some concern over Steiner, and Felix tells him not to worry.

Wolfgang and Kala Edit

Wolfgang is urinating in the bar bathroom, when he and Kala are able to hear each other. Kala demands to know why he is in her house, and Wolfgang says that she must be drunk. They begin to recognize each other's voice. Felix comes in the bathroom and asks Wolfgang what language he was speaking.

Capheus and Riley Edit

Capheus is carrying the backpack through a seedy area at night. Riley sits with a laptop. The two visit each other. Riley is amazed that she can feel the heat of Nairobi. Capheus drinks some of Riley's English tea. In Nairobi, a car of men pulls up and interrupts their visit.

Capheus Edit

The men demand the bag from Capheus. He threatens them, and attempts to perform a jump kick, but fails. The men kick him as he's down, and leave with the backpack, laughing. Capheus calls out for help from the "spirit of Jean Claude Korean Lady" He then runs off.

Capheus finds the car. He grabs a large rock and smashes the back window, then snatches his backpack and runs. He is pursued down an alley. He stumbles on a warehouse guarded by men in suits. Silas is waiting for him, congratulating him for passing the test. He opens the backpack and reveals that it was only filled with two coconuts. He then gives Capheus the AIDS medicine, and says he will be in touch.

Kala Edit

Kala's mother draws a henna tattoo on Kala. Kala asks her how she felt about her father before their wedding. Her mother says that theirs was an arranged marriage, and that Kala is the first in the family to marry for love. Kala is troubled.

Later, the family is gathered, and Kala's mother tells stories of her and Kala's father. Her father serves a dish of home-cooked shahi tukda.

Before the wedding, Kala is getting dressed. She says the outfit is heavy, and she hopes she does not collapse.

Sun Edit

Sun trains with her teacher in a park. Her teacher says that he has never seen her so distracted and unfocused. He says that she must decide what she wants to do, and then come back to him.

Will and Lito Edit

Lito, in character, walks across a museum filled with statues and men. One of the actors delivers the line, "Art is like religion." Will appears in his place. At a house in Chicago, Will knocks on a door and Lito opens it. They look at each other, puzzled. Will asks Lito, "Do I know you?"

One of the actors says, "Kill him!" At the Chicago house, a woman yells "Cops!" Lito dives across the set, suspended by wires. He fires with pistols in both hands, shooting the actors with blanks. Everywhere around him, cement particles and blood squib splatters fill the air. Will chases the kid across backyards and over fences.

Will appears on set with a Mexican actor pointing an assault rifle at him. The actor whispers for Will to kick him. Will is puzzled. Lito takes his place, then dramatically kicks the assault rifle and continues his shooting rampage. Finally the director yells "Cut!" and congratulates Lito on a great take.

Will and his partner end their chase when they encounter a threatening gang. They head back.

Capheus and Sun Edit

Capheus and Sun both walk across crowded streets. They meet each other face to face, while the crowds of Nairobi and Seoul walk past. They ask each other where they are, and puzzle at how they can communicate. Capheus realizes that he is talking to the spirit of Jean Claude. Capheus says that he knows Sun has a difficult decision. Sun declares that Capheus is a hallucination and Capheus abides. Sun asks Capheus to leave but he cannot. Sun says that she may be in trouble tomorrow. Capheus relates to her decision, since he must decide whether to keep himself safe or his mother. Sun wonders if she is the person who will let her family's business be destroyed, or sacrifice herself. Capheus says that he must keep his promise to his mother. Sun says she has made a similar promise.

Capheus tells the story of his mother, who protected him against several men who wanted revenge against his father.

Kala, Sun, Wolfgang, Will, Riley, Capheus, and Nomi Edit

Kala's wedding commences, and she is carried in on an ornate chair. Rajan enters on a bike. In Seoul, Sun walks towards her teacher with a leash in hand. In a large Roman bathhouse, Wolfgang dives into a swimming pool, naked. He floats on his back, watching. Will and Riley meet each other at a bar. Capheus prepares a meal with his mother.

Kala's wedding ceremony commences. They exchange vows. Sun hands over her dog's leash to her teacher, and says goodbye. Nomi and Amanita return to their apartment to find it trashed.

Kala nears the end of her vows and says, "We shall be of one mind." Naked Wolfgang emerges from the pool. He looks up and sees Kala. Kala looks at him, then looks down at his penis. Wolfgang says, "What the fuck are you doing here? You're not in love with him." Kala and Wolfgang both faint.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Who can say if it is we who make the choice, or the choice that makes us?" - Capheus

Trivia Edit

The pool where Wolfgang is seen swimming is the Stadtbad Neukölln. Kala, is hindi word for art. The epsiode title also includes the word 'art' in it. This might be a hint or a nod towards something important that happens to Kala in this episode. [1]


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