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Amanita Caplan, portrayed by Freema Agyeman, is major character in the Netflix series, Sense8. Amanita is the girlfriend, and now the fiancée of Nomi Marks.


Amanita is the fiancée of Nomi Marks and is aware of Nomi's status as a sensate. Additionally, she uses her research skills, networks, and resourcefulness to help Nomi's cluster escape Whispers. Amanita is revealed to work in a bookstore in San Francisco, and is shown supporting LGBT charities!

History Edit

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Season One Edit

Limbic Resonance Edit

Amanita first appears at the beginning of the episode, relaxing in the bathtub in her and Nomi's apartment when Nomi first sees Angelica. She and Nomi are later seen having sex, afterwards enjoying some time together, eating lunch and looking back at their times at Pride. The couple

I Am Also A We Edit

Smart Money Is On The Skinny Bitch Edit

What's Going On? Edit

As Nomi attempts to escape the hospital, she is almost caught but Amanita swoops in, disguised as a nurse with a wheelchair, and wheels her out. The pair are noticed by a security guard who demands they stop, but Amanita grabs a taxi and they escape. Nomi starts singing the same song Riley is listening to, and Amanita sings with her as they drive away from the hospital.

Art Is Like Religion Edit

Demons Edit

W. W. N. Double D? Edit

We Will All Be Judged By The Courage Of Our Hearts Edit

Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye Edit

What Is Human? Edit

Amanita appears briefly in this episode when she and Nomi make love during the fireworks.

Just Turn The Wheel And The Future Changes Edit

I Can't Leave Her Edit

Season Two Edit

A Christmas Special Edit

Amanita is introduced working in a bookstore, quickly being questioned by Agent Bendix about the whereabouts of Nomi Marks. Evading to answer his questions, she is warned that she, too, can be charged for harboring a fugitive. With Bendix leaving the store, Amanita resumes talking to Nomi.

Another scene shows Amanita with Nomi in the women's shelter, hiding in a bedroom. When they hear the knock signal, they swiftly collect their things and hide behind a crawlspace behind the dresser. Amanita can easily see Bendix through a opening. Once he leaves, they come out of hiding, choosing to leave the shelter for the safety of the other women that need the facility more than Nomi or her.

Nightfall, Nomi takes Amanita to Bug's boathouse, asking if she was sure this would be an appropriate hideout. Her girlfriend turns to her and answers that if she was sure, it would have been their first idea. They are greeted by Bug once more, referred to as "Angels." He gives them a tour of his boathouse, admittedly a messy display, and shows them his large space, covered in undiscarded leftovers and trash. Both girls agree to take the much smaller space to hide.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"I will burn this building down before I let anyone touch that beautiful brain" – Amanita to Nomi in Smart Money's on the Skinny Bitch 

“Why celebrate with symbols of war? Wars are always a failure”W. W. N. Double D?

"Say one more thing about my girlfriend and I'll colonize your face with my fist"Limbic Resonance

“Impossibility is a kiss away from reality” – Limbic Resonance 

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