All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet is the seventh regular episodes of Sense8 Season Two.


A familiar face comes back from the dead, a depressed Lito turns to Sun for comfort, and Lila lures Wolfgang into a trap.

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Plot Edit

Will and Wolfgang
Sun and Lito

Night in Seoul, Sun curiously walks to a body in the street that no one but her is able to see. Lito in pajamas, she ask what he was doing, to which he gives a dramatized response of preparing for the life as a homeless man. Taking a smoke, Sun walks over him, continuing to a sex hotel to hide in, Lito begging her to wait. As she walks in, she glances to see him standing there. Lito asks where she was; Sun replies that it was a sex hotel, gesturing to a sign that read "Privacy respected." She continues to her room.

When she enters her room, once more she is greeted with a sobbing Lito, whom hops into bed and weeps into pillows. He rambles about how he has no agents, no films to act in, and practically no career ahead of him since coming out. Sun shouts to shut up and stop crying; she tells him that he has a boyfriend that loves him dearly, a friend willingly giving up her luxuries, and a mother that supported his homosexuality. Then, she asks what does she have, continuing that her father is murdered and her brother wants her dead. Sun tells Lito that if one of them were to be crying, it should be her. Lito says that she would never do that, that he was there to cry for her. He lies back down and weeps some more, holding his hand out to pull Sun in. Tiresome, she lies down against his leg, holding a cute pillow that was given to her.

Lito then leaves, leaving Sun at the base of the bed alone as she tries to sleep.

Kala and Will
Riley and Wolfgang
Riley and Wolfgang
Sun, Nomi, and Lito

Kala wakes in bed to find her husband Rajan not beside her. She climbs out of bed and wraps herself in a sheet as she walks downstair. She overhears her husband in a heated conversation with someone. He appears aggressive and quite sweaty in formal wear. When he slams the phone, Rajan sees Kala at the base of the stairs and greets her with a brief smile.

She asks him who he was speaking to on the other end. He tells the lie that it was no one serious, though she believes it had to be. Rajan tells Kala to go back to bed. She wanders back upstairs.


As Wolfgang walks to the restaurant to meet with Lila, he briefly visit his clustermates at their parts of the world. He visits Kala, whom asks if there was something wrong. Nomi and Amanita share a moment where Amanita feels out-of-place, though Nomi tells her that her clustermates would never understand her like she does. When they embrace, Nomi sees Wolfgang in the mirror. Worried, she tells Amanita about the visit, both curious to know what was wrong.

Wolfgang visits Lito and Sun, both give a glance. Capheus says "Hello" to Wolfgang, but Wolfgang gives no reply and continues walking. Riley and Will ask Wolfgang is there was something wrong, both given a vague answer that he was "taking care of business." With everyone worried, they group together to figure out what is going on with Wolfgang and Lila.



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  • This episode runs for 56 minutes and 55 seconds.
  • The title originates from Wolfgang's line "All I want right is one more bullet" to Lila Facchini after they both run out of bullets at the restaurant fight.
  • Nomi not being present at the restaurant fight scene was a last-minute change. It shows us that unconscious Sensates lose the ability to share and visit.[1]


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