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A Christmas Special is a two-hour Christmas special of the Netflix series, Sense8. The episode was released on December 23, 2016. released in place of the second season which was postponed from July of 2016 to May 2017, due to the unexpected quitting of Amal Ameen, who plays Capheus, from the cast. Fans of the show were disappointed at the seemingly indefinite delay at the time, so in November 2016 Netflix announced the release of season 2 in 2017 and the Christmas special the next month.

Synopsis Edit

Scandals and celebrations deepen the Sensates' bond as they rebuild their lives and try to outsmart Whispers.

Plot Edit

The special opens with a montage of Kala swimming in Positano, later joined by Wolfgang and the rest of the cluster. The opening montage shows Nomi and Amanita doing laundry; Riley and Will liquifying heroin; Capheus carrying a jug of water; Sun languishing in solitary confinement; Lito taking selfies in his bathtub; and Wolfgang drinking alone at a bar.

It is soon revealed that the US government is still searching for Nomi when Agent Bendix questions Armanita on the whereabout of Nomi, which Armanita pretends she doesn't know. The conversation shows that the search has been long and unsuccessful and the government is resorting to monitoring Armanita's phone and Bendix threatens her with prison if she does not disclose Nomi's location.

Next we see Sun in her solitary confinement cell, presumably for having attacked her brother in the final episodes of season 1. She spends her time training and staring at walls.

Wolfgang is shown sitting with his comatose friend, when Kala "wanders" into the room and the audience sees the obvious unresolved tension between them due to their romantic/sexual history and the fact that Kala is now married to someone else. They do not speak and she quickly leaves.

Hernando is seen lecturing a university class on art and it's importance, when he is interrupted by all the students snickering and laughing at a rather explicit photo of him and Lito having sex, which was published online in Season 1 by Danielle's homophobic ex-boyfriend. Hernando sees what they are looking at and tries to explain that it is just a picture of two people who love each other, after one rude student calls it "shitpacker porn"

It goes back to Riley and Will, Will in a drug affected state communicates with Angelica Turing on how they both suffer at the hand of Whisper who is unrelenting in trying to track Will down, as he did to Angelica, driving her to suicide.

Back to Sun, we see her new lawyer, replacing the last one killed by her brother's acolytes. He wants to bring a re-trial to get Sun out of jail but it explain how it is almost impossible for that to happen,

In the next few scenes, if flashes between the whole cluster as Lito discusses the difficulty he has faced from his online exposure and how he is terrorised by reporters and homophobes. Kala also brings up how she has not had sex with her fiancé yet despite the lengthy period that has passed since their marriage.

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